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Best Places to Vacation in a tight Budget Now Possible

Best Places to Vacation in a tight Budget Now Possible

There is a common reason why most of us don’t consider spending our money on traveling.

We have made an assumption in mind regarding the hefty expense to spend on traveling to places. Well, this is not true to some extent, as there are many beautiful and amazing places around the globe. These places won’t be a pain in your pocket, plus help you save money too.

Are you looking for some cheap vacation spots? Here is a guide that can help you travel and explore in a pocket-friendly term. You no longer have to sit and relax at your home on vacation.

Because there are more fun and enjoyable things to do on your vacation with just limited spending. Due to the different currency values globally, there is always a possibility that the local currency of yours might have a higher value than that of the other currency.

This means, you don’t usually spend a lot of money, in fact, the money that you have is going to be double the value in the other countries. Let’s see what best places to vacation can make your time best.


I bet most of us don’t really have the place Vietnam in their travel list. But believe it or not, this is one extremely gorgeous place with breathtaking scenic views everywhere. 

Considering the US west coast, this place stands as tall as it. This is something huge to learn about the place, and being less known, you are sure to enjoy the natural sceneries around. Less public results to less chaotic, more beautiful, and of course, affordable one. There are

some incredible adventure spots here. Adventure fonder will love and found themselves lost in the middle of the forest, beaches, and caves. Finding a hotel won’t be a big problem, plus you get good budgeted ones that have inclusive of all.


Are you a beach lover? Do you crazily admire water sport? Do you see yourself in the sea, sailing a boat, eating hot and crisp freshwater fish? Do you enjoy relaxing while watching the sunset on the beachside? If yes! Indonesia is it! It is a cheap and exciting place for staycation. It does fit perfectly if you have a tight budget to stick to.

Food, drinks and traveling in the city is cheap and affordable. Well, this doesn’t mean they compromise on the quality. But the value of the money there is extremely less, which makes you spend more on the budget you have fixed. There are some beautiful places to cover in the place, along with a chill time at the beach and crazy water sporting activities.


Asia has some extremely breathtaking places to travel to. Although Malaysia is a regular tourist spot and has a hefty number of tourists, this place still lies in this list. The money value in Malaysia is lesser, which allows you to handle the budget with care. It all depends

upon how you want to stay if you can compromise a little bit on overspending and luxury. Place such as Malaysia would easily fit in your list.

There are wonderful places there, a number of exciting things to do and of course the most enchanting building view from the top. So, if you think you can save up a little and cut down your luxuries. No one can stop you from visiting this place and gaining some extremely memorable memories.


Heard a lot about the place? The culture, tradition, people, historical monuments, scenic beauty and what not! India is place mixed with a bunch of exciting activities, no matter what sort of trip you are planning to, India has some incredibly beautiful spots. No matter if it’s a historical trip, a romantic getaway to the beachside, or a thrilling adventure spot to the Himalayas.

You definitely can travel to India in the best possible way. It offers highly authentic Indian food, cooperative local people to guide you, the hotels are pretty budget-friendly as well. So, this is one place which can fit your budget and in fact, it will allow you to spend more, eat more, travel more within your budget.

Well, these 4 could be the best vacation destinations for you. Remember, the more you plan to budget in advance, the better insight you gain for the travel plan. All the places around the world are possible if you are planning to save money from earlier times.

However, if it is a spontaneous plan, these cheap vacation spots will actually make a lot of sense for you. So, your hunting process for the top vacation destinations is now over. Grab a book, write down the exact budget you are planning to spend on your tine and eventually make a match with the list. Enjoy Travelling!

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