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Pixelmator Photo Review- The Best Photo Editor For iPad

Pixelmator Photo Review- The Best Photo Editor For iPad

Pixelmator has been a favorite of photographers for years when it comes to photo editing. With Pixelmator Photo, there is now also an excellent way for the iPad to quickly and properly edit your photos. We have extensively tested the app.

Pixelmator Photo Review

Pixelmator Photo makes photo editing accessible

The team behind Pixelmator has looked carefully at the functions in Pixelmator Pro and only transferred the much needed to Pixelmator Photo. Yes, this is not a Pixelmator Pro for the iPad, but a stripped-down version that is specifically intended for photographers or people who are often busy with photo editing.

The app does not support layers which means you cannot combine multiple photos by overlaying different layers. If you want to work with layers, you have to look for other photo editing apps for iPad. A worthy option, in that case, is the regular Pixelmator which allows you to work with layers. While Pixelmator focuses more on the composition of images with layers and objects, Pixelmator Photo focuses completely on photo editing.

If you have used Pixelmator on the iPhone or iPad, you can immediately start using Pixelmator Photo. The app has the same icons and quite a similar layout. The app welcomes new users with a nice introduction, they can also open the user manual at any time in the settings.

Pixelmator Photo is enormously accessible and that starts with importing your images. You can import any photo (including RAW photos) into Pixelmator Photo. You can do this from your camera roll, but also from iCloud or if you connect a camera directly to your iPad Pro with the USB-C connection.

Pixelmator Photo is fully compatible with RAW files. You can open and edit them taking advantage of what a RAW file means (without any compression and with all the data captured by the sensor). In this way, the image can be edited without any loss. When we edit an image in RAW there is an indicator that tells us about it. The app seamlessly recognizes RAW files from leading camera manufacturers such as Nikon, Canon, and Fujifilm among others.

The two main functions of Pixelmator Photo

Pixelmator Photo consists of two main functions: editing the colors in your photo and brushing off unevenness. By tapping the plaster icon, you can remove objects or people from a photo. That works great if you want to brush away a small detail, such as a lamp hanging above a stage or a person walking on the beach.

But don’t expect this feature to make large objects and people disappear completely in a credible way. As soon as something on a photo takes up too much area of the picture, the app will do all kinds of weird tricks to fill in the cut-away image. That quickly leads to crazy unnatural edits. You can’t blame the app for this though.

When you have finished removing unwanted objects or people, it is time to refurbish the photo a little further. So you can first crop or mirror the image with the built-in options.

ML-fix is ​​the lifesaver

Pixelmator Photo is especially accessible because of the ML-fix function. This button uses machine learning to independently optimize the settings of a photo. It is an ideal tool for those who have very little or no experience with photo editing. For those who are expert at editing photos can play with dozens of bars to adjust the lighting and colors exactly to your preference.

The ML button can be found in all sorts of places in the app, so that you can, for example, only optimize shadows or adjust colors. Dozens of filters are also available at the bottom of the screen, all of which are optimized for specific situations. For example, there are filters that make landscapes look extra beautiful, and effects that make photos even more beautiful in the evenings.

An excellent Photo App For All iPad Owners

This makes Pixelmator Photo an excellent addition to any photographer with an iPad. The app is exclusively developed for the iPad and is therefore not available on the iPhone. The advantage of this is that the app is optimized for the tablet and everything works super fast and smoothly.

As long as you don’t see Pixelmator Photo as an alternative to Pixelmator on the iPhone or Pixelmator Pro on the Mac , this is an excellent app that makes optimizing your photos accessible to everyone, regardless of your experience or knowledge of the subject.

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