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Windows 10 Tip: Three Ways you can Personalize Your Windows Theme

Windows 10 Tip: Three Ways you can Personalize Your Windows Theme

Themes for Windows, oh my. What a memory ride those words bring. Back in the days of Windows 95, 98 and XP themes became a huge craze and a great trend. People wanted and searched for different ways to change the look of their computer’s OS. As we all explored many wonders of what the Windows had to offer. It started with changing wallpapers, screensavers, default themes, folder icons to even modifying weird folder names and mouse pointers. So we all, out of curiosity and being bored of the same look of our beloved system started modifying it as much as we can. Then came the customizable themes. These themes just changed the game. We were even able to change the original startup sound and shutdown tune and not just wallpapers. The flexibility and options that we got were really great. But we hardly see such things anymore. People are now too busy with their work and work without changing anything. Of course the sense of safety from hackers, viruses and cyber attacks, has also been heightened. So people prefer to not get into trouble by getting fancy themes that may come with bundled viruses. Today, I am going to share with you 3 ways in which you can personalize your Windows 10 themes as you like. Have a look.

Customizing Windows 10 Themes

You may already know some of these ways to alter the look and feel of a system. But it never hurts to revise the location where you need to put in little tweaks.

Using the Custom options

Using the custom options which came with the OS is the simplest and the safest way to change the look of the OS. To do that, follow these steps.

How to Change the Desktop Background in Windows 10 - dummies
  1. On the desktop, right click on the screen and select “Personalize” from the newly opened list.
  2. After that a window by the name of background will open, here you can choose background images(wallpapers) for your screen. 
  3. You can choose from the Windows default wallpapers or from any of the images present on your computer.
  4. Choose a “Fit”, select “Fill”, recommended. Here you can explore more options, you have 6 in total to customize your background’s look.
  5. You will see a Panel on the right hand side; select “Colors” from the list.
  6. Here you can further customize the look of your system. You can choose colors for taskbar, menus, window borders, start menu, accent colors and even a base color. 

There are many interesting options that you can explore and choose from. Give it some time.

Using the inbuilt themes

There are some inbuilt themes which you can also choose if you want to. Follow the first step from the previous method and then follow these below mentioned steps:

Dynamic Theme for Windows 10 Review
  1. Click on the “Themes” option given in the left hand panel on the same window.
  2. There you will see your currently set theme and some other themes given default with the OS by Microsoft. 
  3. Even in your current theme you will get the option to change Wallpaper, Colors, Sounds, and even the mouse cursor. 
  4. Scroll below and you will see extra themes.
  5. Click on each of the themes to check which of those you like the most. 
  6. Set the one you wish to or you can even cycle a new theme every month or even a week.
  7. You can click on “Get more themes in Microsoft Store” and purchase themes that you like. The collection is quite good up there.

If you think this was quite flashy, then fasten your seatbelts, cause here is the biggest change that you can possibly bring to the look of your computer.

Using third-party Themes

Now using third party software can be a bit risky. If you are not careful then it can not only bring great features but can also put in some serious viruses. So be sure to install only third party themes which are certified, branded and highly recommended. Here are some that you can choose.

AMD theme pack

Personalize Your PC With The Best Windows 10 Themes

From the house of gaming and graphic enthusiasts, AMD theme pack is quite loaded and pretty flashy if you are a normal computer user. But if you are a gamer, then you are going to love it. It has been specifically designed to give the feel of a perfect gaming computer. When you open your beast you may want to feel the vibe and its power and it won’t be coming out from a normal looking user interface. So install this theme pack that comes with numerous cool features, and change the complete look of your computer

Mac OS theme

Who doesn’t love working on a Mac system? I hear, no one. Mac is one of the finest machines ever built. The look, the compatibility, the speed, smoothness of transitions and what not. It is a complete package of awesomeness. But not all can afford to buy a Mac for themselves. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot even enjoy the feel. Mac OS theme pack can help you to get the Mac experience while working on your Windows system.

Windows XP theme

One of the best selling OS in the history of computers is Windows XP theme. If you feel like living the experience of operating Windows XP again, then use this theme. It gives the authentic working environment that XP used to generate. It would be an amazing journey to the past, especially if you have spent your childhood exploring Windows XP.

So these were the 3 ways that I wanted to share with you on how you can change the themes for your Windows 10 OS and also some of the best themes for Windows 10 that you can install and enjoy your time.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!

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