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Covid-19: Is This Lockdown Period a Perfect Time To Start Your Own iGaming Business?

Covid-19: Is This Lockdown Period a Perfect Time To Start Your Own iGaming Business?

Whole world is facing the corona pandemic and the only solution to this problem is total lockdown. In this period of lockdown, billion-dollar industries are constantly facing economic challenges and the general public is staying at home to cope up with this pandemic. In this outbreak, people from all age groups are spending their time on their hobbies like painting, gardening, indoor games, etc. Many people are spending their time playing online games because it is not only a veritable source of entertainment but helps to reduce anxiety and stress. 

Why is it a Perfect Time To Start Your iGaming Business?

One side of this pandemic is restricting people to go outside but another side is welcoming online gaming. This lockdown period could be a perfect time to start your iGaming business, by developing an iGaming platform you can earn a huge amount of money without applying more efforts. 

To cater the demand of this kind of startups and enterprises, Mobiweb Technologies offers iGaming software development services that engage a large number of sports enthusiasts to play online games. iGaming platforms include a wide range of games that creates a large customer base and increases the revenue of your business.

In this period of lockdown, you can enjoy the benefit of earning money at home by developing iGaming software. This industry has wide market coverage and due to this, there are some iGaming softwares among which you can choose the best one as per your need. 

iGaming Softwares on which you can invest:

  • Sports Betting 
  • Social Gaming Software
  • Esports Tournament Platforms like Pubg and Fortnite
  • Online Poker 
  • Sportsbook 
  • Gaming Management Platforms
  • Online Casino 
  • Sports Prediction Platform
  • Fantasy Sports Software 
  • 3D Gaming Development
  • Card Games

All the above mentioned solutions can be sub-classified into different categories. Variations in the pattern of thinking and liking encourages software development companies to offer a variety of sports solutions. At this time, every generation has a smartphone in their hands and most of the people are investing their valuable time on their mobile phones. In that case, various ESports like Capcom Cup, Dota 2, PUBG, Call Of Duty, World League, Overwatch League, League Of Legends, World Championship, Evolution Championship Series and Dragon Ball Fighters are attracting people. 

In the era of high class smartphones, Esports tournament platforms are another best option to optimize your service range. By creating a tournament platform, owners can manage different events and leagues for a particular online sport. By joining as a team, each player pays a certain amount of money and after that they can play the match and can win some prizes. ESports tournament software development could generate a massive income in this nationwide lockdown period. 

Why Invest in iGaming Business:

With so many logical reasons, startups and enterprises must invest in iGaming that is emerging as a growing business in this worldwide lockdown. Following points that denote the reasons are:

  • As you know that most of the national and international sports leagues have postponed due to this pandemic. InMobi, a leading mobile marketing and advertising platform provider has recently reported on the impact of COVID-19 in India. As per their reports gaming app usage grew by 110 percent from January 1st to March 11th, 2020. 
  • Customer base of this industry is very large, customers have different opinions and behavior in terms of choice of the game and types of bet. By doing market segmentation you can choose a particular target market to focus on. 
  • Besides this, the government is investing funds for supporting the sports industry and also focused to enlarge the ora of betting industries.
  • Due to high growth rate, most of the business angles have decided to invest their capital on iGaming business and will support by giving them finance for running the business smoothly. 
  • In order to provide best-in class services, most of the software development companies are adding talent and skill in the team to improve the services of business. Mobiweb is also expanding its services and helping clients by acquiring gaming licenses. 
  • Coronavirus outbreak has stopped the growth of several sectors including travel and tourism, automotive, banking and many other sectors but iGaming market is not affected by corona outbreak, it has created an opportunity to start iGaming business 

Final Thought:

After considering all the facts and figures, there is no doubt to invest in the iGaming business in this lockdown period. Every nation, every company and even every individual is grappling with coronavirus and lockdown. “Staying at home” is creating difficulties in the life of every human being. That’s why people spend their free time playing online games at home. In contempt of the bedlam around COVID-19, new business opportunities for the gaming industry seems close at hand. COVID-19  is a perfect time to adopt innovative game development opportunities.  

Author Bio:

I am Arnika Gupta SEO executive at Mobiweb Technologies which is an offshore software and application development company serving the clients globally from 10+ years. Curiosity to learn new things makes me interested in content writing and encourages me to write something different. 

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