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About the Dubai city-

For most of the people who never visited Dubai, Dubai has that kind of lifestyle which is a fairytale. In journal talk, people say a lot about Dubai, as Dubai is the city of the promised land, the city has that type of skyscrapers from where you can catch the sight of the next world. With the expectation of this talk, Dubai has the world’s largest Mall, largest Building in the world, the largest aquarium and underwater zoo in the world with a capacity of 10 million liters. If you are tired of going through so many things, then let me tell you Dubai has a lot for every visitor.

All over the world Dubai is the best destination for holidays. It can be your next destination for your holidays, but for that, you need a travel company that gave the best offers on the Dubai tour. If you are tired of looking for the best deals on the Dubai tour then Roaming Routes is the best place for you, for your Dubai tour.  

Tourism/ sightseeing-

1-Burj Khalifa

2-Desert Safari

3-The Dubai mall

4-Aquarium and underwater zoo 

5-Ski Dubai

6-Palm Jumeirah

7-Dubai Fountain 

8- Ferrari World

9-Dhow Cruise

10-Atlantis the Palm

These places are the best tourist attractions in Dubai. Visiting these places is the dream of every visitor. So just hold your breath, because,  below in this article, I will give you details about these places.

1-Burj Khalifa-

Burj Khalifa is the record-breaking skyscraper of Dubai with 2717 feet including the antenna.On the 125th floor of the building, the building has the worlds’ largest observation deck, from where visitors enjoy the ravishing view of Dubai.  

2-Desert Safari Dubai-

Desert Safari is the finest thing in Dubai. Every visitor comes to Dubai with the dream of doing Desert Safari in the great Arabian Desert.  Desert Safari has a lot of whammy things for every visitor like

  • Morning Safari
  • Evening Safari
  • Dinner in Desert
  • Camping
  • Camel Safari
  • Wildlife photography

3-The Dubai mall-

The Dubai mall is the stupendous thing of Dubai. The mall holds the record of the largest mall in the world.for visitors Dubai mall has over 900 shops and over300 food outlets. The mall holds the record of the most visited place on the planet.

4-Aquarium and underwater zoo-

The Aquarium and Underwater zoo is far away from thinking.  It holds the record of the world’s largest aquarium with a capacity of 10 million liter tank. Dubai aquarium is a home for more than 40,000 sea creatures. The best thing about the aquarium is, all the creatures in the aquarium come from all over the world.

5-Ski Dubai-

Ski Dubai is the mystique place for the Dubai locals and for the visitor also because of its temperature, Ski Dubai has the coldest temperature of Dubai. The normal temperature of Ski Dubai is -1 degree celsius.

6-Palm Jumeirah-

After the great wall of the china and Berlin wall, Dubai has the  Palm island is the only thing that can be seen from space. Palm Jumeirah is the third island on the Palm island. For holidaymakers, the Palm Jumeirah is a Zion.

7-Dubai Fountain- 

Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest fountain. Dubai fountain is famous for the length the total length of the fountain is 902 fee with the capacity of shooting water in the air up to 500 feet.

8- Ferrari World-

The Ferrari world is the home for the best kick experience. In Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is located. It has the world’s fastest roller coaster and also holds the records for best theme park from 2015 to 2018.

9–Dhow Cruise-

For the best experience of old Dubai and modern Dubai Dhow Cruise is the best thing. Dhow Cruise gives you the far-fetched experience of Dubai.

10 Atlantis the Palm-

Atlantis the palm is the super-luxury hotel/resort in palm Jumeirah at Palm Island. On the theme of the myth of Atlantis.and the best thing about Atlantis the Palm is that it has its own beach.


If you want to know any city all around the world then go and check the nightlife of the city, if you will get good vibes from the city, then the city is good. Dubai has the best nightlife in the world. Apart from the best infrastructure, skyscrapers, the largest mall in the world, Dubai has the best clubs and pubs, where the most popular DJ plays the music.

Here I will share the list of the best places in Dubai for nightlife.

1-Dubai Marina-

Dubai Marina is the crown headed place for all the night places all the world. Dubai Marina is located along with an artificial canal. For visitors, Dubai marina has numerous things to do and a vibrant vibe too like have dinner in at the restaurant on the bank of the artificial canal, enjoy a boat ride with your loved one, etc

Timings of Dubai Marina: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Cost for Two Dubai Marina:: AED 600.  

2-Boudoir Night Club-

Boudoir is a French club that reminds the french clubs of the early 20s. For the Lebanese crowd, the club is the best place. 

Timings for Boudoir: 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM 

Cost for two for Boudoir: AED 340 


Catwalk is the best place for those people who love catwalk more than anything. Catwalk is the renowned night club in Dubai and it has a unique dance floor ‘the red carpet” where you can do dance as a catwalk.

Timings of Catwalk: 9:00 PM – 3:00 AM

Cost for Two of Catwalk: AED 350


Bar44 is famous for the best gentry during the night party. In the bar, you will be amazed by watching the range of champagne and whiskey. 

5-Horse Riding Under the Full Moon-

In all old fairy tales, the prince always comes by horse ride in the full moon. And if you want to feel the same then “The Mushrif Park ” is the best place for you. The park offers you a horse ride in the full moon.

Timings for horse riding: 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Cost for Two for horse riding:: AED 600 

Packages of Dubai Tour-

Package Details

55,000 RS. 

About package-

All around the world, Dubai is the best and favorite tourist destination. And this is the only reason that all the famous places are always crowded, so if you don’t want to be a part of the crowd then book a Dubai tour package from Roaming Routes. After booking the package You will be taken to every famous place in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Aquarium and underwater zoo, the Dubai fountain, the Ferrari World, the Palm Island and many more. So this is not only a package for you, it’s a key to Fabulous Dubai.

Travel Guide-

Dubai is a breathtaking place for travelers, they have a wide range of things to do in Dubai. Before doing these things, A question arises in the mind does our pocket allow us to increase your budget? So if you answer no, then you need not to worry. By following these tips you can easily save your money and explore the real Dubai without any limitations.

Best time to visit Dubai-

From October to April, Dubai has the so-called winter season. Dubai has only two seasons. 

Flights for Dubai-

International flight seats are cheaper in comparison to the general price of tickets. If you book your flights for 6 months prior then you will get an additional discount on the price.

Hotel Booking at Dubai –

When you are visiting the world’s most visited place then you have to book your hotels 3 months before visiting the city.

Dubai in Ramadan month-

In Ramadan month Muslims have their fast. So you are strictly prohibited to eat, drink and smoke in public places.

Photography in Permissions Dubai –

Never take pictures of any government building like airport, military. And never ask Muslim women for a picture.

Faqs about Dubai tour-

1 Cost of Dubai Tour?

The cost of the Dubai tour depends on your package, And the average cost of the Dubai tour then it’s 55,000 per person.

2 Duration of Dubai Tour?

The days of the Dubai tour are variable. It also depends on your package.

3 Perfect Time to Visit Dubai?

 For the memorable tour of Dubai do visit in festive seasons. 

4 Dubai Currency?

Dirham is the currency of Dubai. You can change your currency from any money exchanger kiosk in your hometown or country.

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