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Pentaho BI Features: Making Companies Calling Report Designers?

Pentaho BI Features: Making Companies Calling Report Designers?

Feature-rich pentaho reporting can be a reason though.

Company’s manager is answerable to questions that decide the fate of the business. “Which reporting tool is best to use” is one of the common questions in the list. Although the choice always relies on customer, still there are certain features that might influence on the evaluation. Checking and doing comparison to find the most critical ones is necessary to distinguish interesting solutions among useless ones. 

Pentaho reporting, done by Pentaho BI report designers, includes important features that are good enough not to denounce that we are considering an open source, free software. 

Reporting algorithm

The enhanced reporting algorithm is what making sturdy pentaho reporting tool. Complex system is made to support all types of reports regardless of their destination, output and input data format. 

Multiple data sources available

It is good for an enterprise if every department is using single reporting solution. However, it’s not happening and it is still useful to read reports from all of them. That’s what pentaho reporting offers. Multiple data sources available assist with migrating data if the enterprise decides to replace traditional solutions with one-size fit for all. 

Several output formats

Today, enterprises need to spread reports throughout more and more populous groups. All the groups need reports, yet each of them works differently using unique software. This generates the need of using reporting tool supporting several output formats. Pentaho Reporting tool is one of the best tools for such situation. Regardless of the need of PDF, EXCEL, XML, or CSV files, pentaho supports each of them. 

Precise formatting at the pixel level

At times, enterprise might need to change format of the report faster and prevent quality and form losses. There is a feature of precise formatting at the pixel level that assures alignment of all elements. 

Easy to embed charts

The more complex reports preparation needs the extra attention of the BI report designers. This is why most of the reports include different variety of charts that can be embedded with Pentaho Reporting tool with an ease.

Interactivity of reporting

The lifecycle of report isn’t over in the rendering moment. However, people often discredit its significance and forget that it can be used in later editing. The interactivity of reporting offered by Pentaho tool allows end users to attain influence on report’s form. 

BI server

The support of BI server to the Pentaho reporting tool doubles the functionality. This enables the option of ad hoc reporting. This defines that not every time paid tools are worth your time- pentaho solutions (all of them) are free for all users. 

Pentaho is a complete suite of business intelligence which covers vast variety of use cases from reporting to data mining. It encompasses more open source projects, of which pentaho reporting is one of them. Like other available tools, Pentaho reporting includes a rich-feature set that can be instantly used by enterprises and pentaho BI report designers. Pentaho is supported by several community resources, including documentation, wiki, etc. 

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