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PayKun: Best payment gateway for domestic and international transaction in India

PayKun: Best payment gateway for domestic and international transaction in India

Any kind of business needs to have an online payment system installed. Whether they have a website, an app, or none. It has been the need for time since the digitalization outburst. It was mild in India before the famous demonetization, but since that event, digital trading has become a way of life for many and so has the digital payments. Well, the global pandemic has changed the face altogether, and this is not at all temporary, this will go a long way and eventually cover the major tradings, dealings, and payments. 

As much as it is a necessity it provides a lot of advantages to both the merchant and the customers. Such as; their product can reach each and every corner of the world – nationally and internationally, fast and convenient way of dealing with, secure and easy, and the most recent – making the social distancing possible. 

So among all the aspects of making this possible, one of them is providing the option to pay online. The best possible way to provide online payment options is PayKun Payment Gateway. It is an ideal way of collecting payments from your customers and clients because it is easy, secure, reliable, and much more. It is ranked among the top payment gateways in India opted by many merchants today.

Reasons for choosing PayKun for your Domestic and International Payments:

One of the top reasons for the merchants to opt for PayKun is its Fees and Charges:

Among the Cheapest Payment Gateway in India is PayKun. It does not charge any setup or maintenance fees and there are zero hidden charges, International fees are very affordable and with competitive pricing plans. It charges among the lowest fees for the domestic transactions at flat 1.75 % plus applicable taxes.

Other Reasons: Why to opt for PayKun?

Only low pricing is not enough, it is required to be the best in other important aspects too to be the best.

Safe and Secure

Online payments are prone to cyber stealing and theft. Sensitive Data and funds can be exposed to bad persons – the fraudsters. PayKun is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and that is the highest level of security that needs to be followed to make the payment place – the card details safe and secured.

Another important one being adhered to by PayKun is the following of the AES Encryption standards. So the information passed is in a coded manner and impossible to hack. Also, the SSL certification makes the connection between the website and the server safe and non-hackable.

Reliable and Reputed

The above security compliances make PayKun reliable to use. Apart from that, it provides the highest successful transaction rate. It also makes sure to be available to solve the merchant and customer query, concern, issue, etc as soon as possible. It has an efficient Support Team for all the required specialization like general, technical, sales, accounts, etc. The support methods are chat, email, and call. So, reliability is important when the money is in question and PayKun fulfills that requirement.

If you want your customer to pay without seeing your face, it is important that the face of the payment gateway is reliable and reputed. This means that the customer should be able to put confidence and make the payment. If they find that the payment gateway is unknown and cannot be trusted, customer dropout is what would be the result. PayKun has built such a good reputation in the short term of its life-span.

Suitable for all kinds of business

PayKun supports all types of businesses: Individuals, small-scale, startups, large enterprises, medium-scale, etc. Except for the necessary exceptions, various kinds of businesses register on PayKun. For example, Bloggers, Youtubers, eCommerce, service provider, educationalists, eBooks sellers, offline businesses like stores and shops, etc. Basically, if you have a genuine business and would like to collect online payments, you should register to get the best services on PayKun. There are enterprise plans offered as per the business model on request. 

Multiple Payment Methods 

The key point of providing online payment options is the fact that there are numerous online payment options available. Why use a payment gateway? Because it offers all of them to your customer in one place. The reason applicable here is that the customer can have their preferred payment method to make the payment. PayKun provides multiple payment modes in its swift, easy, and user-friendly checkout. It includes various types of debit cards, credit cards, mobile wallets, Netbanking, UPI, etc. It keeps on adding new payment methods with time. It supports international payment collection with multiple currencies from a maximum number of countries.

Integration or No integration

PayKun has ready plugins and SDKs supporting all the major platforms such as PHP, Magento, Android, iOS, WordPress, Ruby, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, WHMCS, Prestashop, Opencart, etc. It can be easily integrated with a website or application. It also provides free payment gateway integration services.

In case, you do not have a website, then there is no issue as PayKun provides Payment Links and Master Links facility. These are just the normal links that need to be copied, pasted, and sent through messenger, email, WhatsApp, etc any possible medium.

So, sign up today to start selling the products and services globally and easily collect online payments from your international customers.

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