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Let Yourself Indulge In The Overwhelming Pushkar Fair Tour

Let Yourself Indulge In The Overwhelming Pushkar Fair Tour

A strong and revealing city in Rajasthan which is named as Pushkar known for its energetic and celebrative culture. Pushkar resembling the colorful culture, interesting things to do and large events etc. Pushkar Fair Tour is one of those events and famous among travelers from all over the world. People are celebrating this festival since a very long time.

At this fair visitors observe the sparkling sand, Rajasthan true culture and different colors of customs and traditions. There are many reasons that you should include this as a part of your India tourism Package at least once in your entire life.There are some significant points to be considered before  planning for fair tour in Rajasthan.

Why Pushkar Fair Tour Deserve A Visit ?

  • The visit offers an acquaintance with the glory of Rajasthan like resident of their.
  • Offers opportunity to participate in various celebrations and challenges.
  • Mesmerized with the melody of mix of indian folk songs.
  • Best place to experience extreme richness or poor life.
  • Make you observe the sale and purchase of colorfully decorated camels.
  • Offers great option for thrill seeker as well by allowing thrilling things to do such as Zypsy ride, dune bashing etc.
  • Feel the beauty of desert from Hot air balloon ride.
pushkar fair tour

When It Is Conducted ?

The popular Pushkar Fair Tour is conducted for 9 days. It starts with the Maha Aarti on the authentic Pushkar Lake. After finishing Aarti crackers are burnt to show the beginning of fair.

Best Things To Do At Pushkar Fair

Dates to conduct fair are 15th November To 23 November every year. The fair is held between 6: 30 AM to 9:00 PM.

The fair offers a best way  to promote India tourism. Every fair is filled with joy and traditional experiences. What Rajasthan actually is can be easily depicted through this fair tour. Every day of this fair comes with something new.

Go For Shopping Of Authentic Things

The village people set up their shops filled with local artwork and handicrafts at fair. Shilpgram is one of the things which every traveler purchase as a reminder of fair. Traditions run into the blood of Rajasthanis which can be seen in the handicrafts, beautiful paintings, pure leather and puppets etc. you will find end number of option to shop here.

Head On For Thrill

The colorful brightness of fair becomes more beautiful when it is witness from Hot air balloon ride. The dazzling spark of fair overwhelm your heart with joy. Apart from this Paramotoring, quad bike ride, and camel safari are the option to lost in the graceful desert. Bus ride to cover Pushkar city is another way to make your Pushkar fair tour more completing.

Altogether the expenses for these activities can fall in between 2000 to 15000Rs but they truly deserve it.

Best Photography Challenge

If you are the one having extreme love for photography then must participate in this challenge. You will also get reward for the same. Through this challenge you can complete your wanderlust along with covering entire Pushkar fair.

Pamper Yourself Through Pushkar Cuisines

You may find things too costly at camel fair but aroma of Pushkar Cuisine will make you do this. The specialities involve Dal Baati Churma. This is considered as the right time to taste all the flavors of Pushkar and bring great memories at home.

Options To Stay In Pushkar

  • Sky Waltz Camp
  • Camp Bliss

Medium Of Transport To Reach There

As the town located in Ajmer, Rajasthan on the edge of Pushkar Lake it is well connected to various places through all the transport.

By Air

Sanganer Airport, Jaipur is recognised as the closest airport to Pushkar. This airport is well linked to Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata etc. From airport rented cab and buses are available to map distance of 140+ km.

By Train

The nearest railway station which is connected to Pushkar is Ajmer. Distance between Ajmer and Pushkar is approx 11 km. travelers visiting from Delhi or Jaipur can reach via Shatabdi or Pink city express. Rented vehicle are available from the station.

By Road

Pushkar is linked with many cities in India in terms of road transport. Buses are available from Ajmer, Indore, Jaipur, and Nagda. You may arrive through your own vehicle as well.

Must Watch Attractions In Pushkar

  • Pushkar Lake
  • Sarafa Bazaar
  • Rangji Temple
  • Naga Pahar
  • Rose Garden


Fair tour is the best way to see complete beauty of Rajasthan. To explore complete culture, traditions, customs and lifestyle of people let yourself move on for a journey to this camel fair.

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