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Points to safeguard when you are outsourcing your medical billing services

Points to safeguard when you are outsourcing your medical billing services

For small medical practice outsourcing billing for anesthesia services poses to be a challenge. Because of this reason many medical services give a long hard look on whether to outsource their medical billing needs. There are some pointers you need to be aware before you take the decision.

Lack of control among employees

The medical centres would be hesitant of not have any degree of control over the medical staff. They are responsible for undertaking a number of functions like revenue management, accounts receivable and finance issues. When you are not able to supervise the tasks in a direct manner it puts medical officers in a spot of bother. They have to take into account that the work is performed in an efficient and reliable manner.

Patients can suffer from dissatisfaction

Because of outsourcing patient satisfaction can suffer. Patients like to walk on to the doctor’s chamber, make the timely payment of bills, discuss about the timely settlements and even set up arrangements. Within house billing services it is easy to establish personal feeling services as compared to outsourcing. Patients would not go on to have any satisfaction when important matters are discussed over the phone.

Hidden costs

When you hire anesthesia billing services hidden costs may emerge. This cost is inevitable when you are planning to make a move from in house to outsource of billing needs. Other costs come into account. To ensure a better connect between the management and the outsourcing company legal costs may be incurred and even the formation of the contract. The chances are high that you might even need to hire someone who acts as middle men between the outsourcing company and the management.

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No flexibility

Any business practice is under the control of the outsourcing company. It all depends upon the day to day needs of your business to have control over the everyday medical needs offers some level of flexibility to your medical team. The manager is not provided with any flexibility to ask the team to increase their hours of operation for betterment of productivity or even changing the time schedule of the staff to suit the need of the patients. Even this may relate to the alteration of opening and closing hours. This could be the real difference between a good performance and a bad performance during a given month.


Limitations are bound to exist with case of outsourcing companies. In fact the services provided could be limited due to lack of quality information and even a communication breakdown between the medical team and the outsourcing company. An in house billing department has access to medical information and even steady insights into medical records. During the phase of contracting an efficient communication system has to be put in place which means they are provided with the proper set of information. This would enable them to be successful in timely submission of your billing claims.

The above pointers you need to keep away when you are outsourcing your medical billing needs.

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