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5 Organization Hacks to Keep Your Bedroom Cleaner

5 Organization Hacks to Keep Your Bedroom Cleaner

The bedroom isn’t the first place you worry about cleaning when guests are coming to visit. Maybe it’s where you store all the clutter from the rest of the house when people do come, reasoning that they won’t look in there. 

For the same reason, the bedroom may be the last place you clean regularly. This can lead to an accumulation of odds and ends. Such a chaotic mess that you don’t know where to begin cleaning. 

If you’re tired of sleeping with the rest of the house’s rejected clutter, this article will help you put a stop to that nonsense!

Stash Storage Out of Sight

Piles of boxes aren’t soothing. They don’t invite you to cuddle up and say nighty-night. For this reason, you shouldn’t have them displayed in your sleeping space. 

Just say no to your bedroom becoming the dumping ground for things around the house that have no set spot.

Understandably, these things need a place to go, so if you must store, try out of sight storage. Here are a few options for that:

Reorganize Your Closet

Many times the chaos in our bedroom is spilling out of the closet. If you feel like this is a problem in your bedroom, you could benefit from a closet makeover.

With some rearranging and some smart organizational hacks, your closet can fit much more than it does now. Not only that, but you’ll be able to find items you need easily.

If you suffer from the itty bitty closet syndrome, check out this article on how to make the most of the space you have. 

Storage Furniture

Instead of piling boxes and crates on the floor (or on top of furniture), store them tactfully. 

The space under your bed is big and unused, so why not put it to use as a place to store extra things? There are storage boxes and bins made, especially for this purpose that you can buy.

You can also find storage benches that you can place at the foot of your bed to store extra linens and throw pillows that you don’t use at night.

Keep Surfaces Free of Clutter

Even after you’ve made your bed and vacuumed your floor, if your nightstand and dresser are full of clutter, your room still won’t look clean. Keeping these areas neat and tidy can go a long way to keeping your room looking pristine.

Organizer for Jewelry

With all the shiny bits and baubles lying around, jewelry situations can get out of hand. Finding a way to organize your jewelry will help keep your room clean.

On the Wall

Keeping with the theme of having cleared off dressers, you can find jewelry organizers that hang from the wall. They have a place for all your jewelry.

Hooks are great for your necklaces, and a rod will hold your bangles and bracelets. There is usually a grate with tiny holes to hang your earrings.

Jewelry Armoire

If you don’t have enough wall space for a jewelry organizer on the wall, you can still keep your jewelry organized in a jewelry armoire. 

This can open up and display all your pretty things when you need them. After you’ve finished, close the doors to keep the clutter hidden. 

Creative Organization for Doodads and Thingamabobbers

We all have little odds and ends that we have accumulated but don’t have a definitive way to keep them organized. You can use a little creative organization to stop them from becoming a disorganized mess.

You can find plenty of cute cups and saucers that add to the organization of your room as well as adding some style and decor.

If you would rather keep these little keepsakes hidden, you can pick a drawer and use drawer organizers to keep them from getting lost.

Quick Clean Up

All this effort to keep your dressers and nightstand free from clutter is well worth it. It certainly makes for a quicker clean up by making wiping and dusting easy.

Use Clothing Solutions

In the bedroom, clothes are always a part of the mess. This is where we dress or make last-minute wardrobe changes. Where we throw off the confinements of constricting work clothes in exchange for our comfy pants.

This can lead to a mix of clean and dirty laundry strung around the bedroom. To combat this, you should have some clothing solutions in place.

Dirty- Laundry Hamper

You can keep your dirty laundry in a hamper, so that it won’t end up on the floor. This hamper can be hanging on the back of the door to preserve floor space. 

Alternatively, you can use a wicker basket with a lid to keep your dirty clothes hidden without having a big ugly plastic laundry hamper in your room.

Clean- Changing station

You should have a changing station in your room but not for babies, for you! This is a place to hold the clothes that you have taken out and tried on or put aside to reuse the next day.

A leaning ladder is an ideal item for this use since you can drape pants over the rungs or hook hangers that hold other clothes.  

You can also install a floating shelf with hooks or a rod underneath to use for the same purpose. 

Know Your Habits and DIY-it

If you look around your room and you happen to notice that your mess seems to take on a theme, you know what the problem is. You are guilty of allowing your habits to take over your bedroom! 

This happens to the best of us, and when our mess takes on a personal style, it’s time for us to create our own way to contain it. This calls for a DIY project.

Book Nerd?

If books are your collectibles, you need a place to keep them. Use floating bookshelves or boxes to display your love of books.

This doesn’t have to be a boring old plank of wood. You can add some flair to your bookshelves by using an artistic design or unconventional material as your shelf.

Glam Girl?

Some women just can’t get enough makeup. Especially now, with the beauty subscription boxes, makeup collections can build up quickly.

If you find that your bedroom suffers from an overdose of lipsticks, palettes, and brushes — take advantage of some of these creative organization hacks.

Tech Wizard?

If you can’t seem to find enough outlets to charge your many devices, you should take advantage of one of these innovative charging station ideas. 

Ditch Furniture You Don’t Need

If you have any pieces of furniture in your bedroom that aren’t essential, consider getting rid of them. The more open floor space you have, the bigger and cleaner it will feel.

All that new space may even help you get a better night’s sleep. Since clutter in your environment confuses the brain — making it difficult to relax. 

Besides helping you sleep, unused furniture is just another place to pile junk and create a messy room.


Take back your bedroom by using these five organization hacks. Sleeping in a more open space will help raise your bedroom’s relaxation level exponentially. 

Having an organized room also maintains cleanliness. Now, you’ve reduced unnecessary clutter and have a designated space for everything.

You can even use a few of these tactics in the other rooms of your apartment for a cleaner, happier home overall!

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