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How to Optimize your Android phones for Better Speed?

How to Optimize your Android phones for Better Speed?

Nowadays, a majority of the world population uses Android phones for connectivity and recreational purposes. All-new Android mobile phones guarantee an enjoyable time with swift work performance and ample storage space. Unfortunately, every Android user has also experienced a time when the work performance drags on the speed of a turtle, and the camera fails at the most crucial moment. But what to do now? One can certainly not buy a new mobile phone again and again. Well, don’t worry because if you are a victim of such timing, then try out the following steps.

Space Clean-up  

Downloading apps, audio/video files, and cache data for offline use can quickly deplete the whole of your android’s storage space. Therefore, cleaning services up the unnecessarily occupied space is of great significance in device optimization.

To begin with, you can use Android’s built-in storage tool, which gives a comprehensive component-breakdown of the space taken up by different apps and files. The cleaning process will be easier for you if you’re using Android 8.0 Oreo. That’s because it groups files according to categories and all you need to do is go to settings > storage and then click ‘Clear Now’ button. However, if your phone supports Android 7.0 Nougat or any version below that, then you might have to analyze and clean every single app separately.

For viewing the space occupied by each app, tap on the app in the apps list. It will display the megabytes and gigabytes consumed by the application. In case, there’s not a single app that you wish to uninstall, and still want to free up some space, then you can clear the cache of every app. 

Other than that, you can equip your android phone with a microSD card to increase the space. After inserting it into the microSD card slot, transfer media files and apps. You might have to format the SD card as internal or portable storage if you’ve got Android 6.0 marshmallow. Furthermore, you can even free up space on your SD card by transferring the data to your computer.

Disable Widgets

Boosting your phone’s speed within 30 seconds, removal of widgets and animation is one of the lesser-known methods optimizing android phones. Although the widgets ease the operation of various apps without having to launch them, they slow down the pace of your phone’s performance substantially. At times, the widgets also provide animations, which consume excessive processing power. Thus, freezing apps and tabs frequently. To get rid of these relatively futile widgets & their effects:

  • Gently press and hold the widget that you wish to remove for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Drag it to the trash bin (remove) icon.
  • Check your phone’s storage settings, if it is still displaying the deleted widget, follow the instructions in your android’s manual to remove the unwanted widgets.

Another handy tip to speed up your Android phone is to avoid multitasking. Open up the active-apps list and close the ones that you’re not working with currently. If this doesn’t help, you can always restart your device. But bear in mind, frequently restarting your phone can drain its battery. 

Performance Boosting Apps 

The ever-growing issue of slow operational phone systems has led to the release of several performance-boosting applications. These applications reduce the phone storage by eliminating all the unnecessary duplicate files etc. Some of the most efficient performance-boosting apps include: 

  • SD Maid: It includes different types of cleaning tools like app cleaner and database management. It is particularly efficient in cleaning duplicate files and junk that often finds their way into the deepest corner of our cell phone storage. It also features an automated task manager so that you can schedule your cleaning and save time. 
  • Clean Master: The Clean Master is a popular application amongst masses of Android users. It allows people to detect virus and junk files as well as eliminate it. The app also boosts battery life and features a task killer.
  • Greenify: Another factor that consumes your phone’s storage and the battery, is the background applications. Greenify prevents these background applications to drain your phone battery as well as storage.

Factory Reset 

Factory reset takes away all your mobile data, applications, and stored material, hence it is the last option. If your phone’s work performance does not improve after trying out the above-listed ways, then only must you choose this method. To factory reset, first back up all your data or transfer it to some other device. Remember that after the factory reset, your phone will lose all its previous data. However, work performance will drastically escalate. You can download the applications again and transfer back the important data.

The Android price these days is competing for high-tech home appliances prices such that of Eurostar TV price and Samsung refrigerator price. However, the clear advantage of an Android phone in terms of portability and connectivity forces us to invest in them over the home devices. In such a scenario where cell phones form an essential component of our daily routines, the decrease in phone’s work performance and storage can turn our life miserable. 

But this does not mean that you can not solve it. Do try out the above-listed methods and be your tech-expert.

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