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The Top Tips To Manage An Online Reputation Management Crisis

The Top Tips To Manage An Online Reputation Management Crisis

It takes years for a brand to build its reputation and seconds to jeopardize it. Businesses can suffer legal and financial repercussions for negative online presence. As a brand, you never know when a customer review turns things upside-down. Therefore, it is mandatory to respond to every negative review that reflects badly on your service. 

Wondering how to perform online reputation monitoring for your services or products?

This guide will help you to act with authority towards your unhappy customers on social media and address perfectly to negative online content. 

Why Are Online Reputation Management And Reviews Matters?

But, before we start with it, do you know why online reputation management matters? Can you assess the damage a negative review on social media can do to your brand?

Today’s world is powered by the internet. You need to search for a store online, you can use the internet, you want to get some information, the internet is your savior. There are so many things like finding locations, sharing stories, writing reviews, conducting research, getting information, designing things, and buying and selling of products, everything can be accomplished with the internet. But, many things can go wrong because of it as well. 

As per surveys, 

  • 70% of consumers look at multiple review sites before choosing a local business.
  • An average person reads almost 10 reviews before they trust any business.
  • 58% of customers judge a local business based on reviews. They consider online reviews to be of utmost importance.
  • An average consumer spends 13 minutes 45 seconds reading reviews before they made any decision
  • 32% of the customers proceed to the next step, visiting the seller’s website after reading positive online reviews 
  • And, 85% of consumers trust online reviews just like personal recommendations.

Such stats prove the worth of online reputation and their effect on businesses. Brands don’t just only lose consumers, they lose deals, employees, and their online reputation suffers a devastating blow. No matter if the negative experience is genuine or not, it has the power to make or break a brand. 

With increasing depends of brands on social media, for sales, customers, and profits, having a decent character and value is of utmost importance. It is vitally needed to address negative reviews before the positive ones and turn things in your advantage before it turns wrong.

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For example, a customer was really irritated with his delayed flight, and JetBlue Airways addressed it with finesse and expert caliber. 

How To Take Care Of Your Online Reputation?

Taking care of all your online customers is a tedious task. It might look easy but it’s truly not. For most brands, hiring online reputation management services seems like the right thing to do. However, if you want to take charge of your online reputation and manage it properly, the following are some tips that’ll help in taking care of the crisis. 

Use tools to monitor your online reputation 

Before you can address bad reviews or mentions, you’ll have to know about them. Customers, these days, known how to get the attention of brands. They use social media platforms because it is more engaging than any other medium. Taking care of complaints, praises, and queries manually aren’t an easy thing to do. This is where tools and alerts come in. 

There are many free online reputation management tools available on the Internet that can help you to learn about mentions or reviews. These include;

Google Alerts: you can set up a Google Alerts account to learn about notifications and mentions of your brands. It is quick, free, easy, and effective as well. You’ll have to enter the search terms that you want to be alerted about and decide what do you want to be notified about. 

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Rankur: you can use a free version of Rankur to set up and monitor your online reputation across the web. All you have to do is add the keywords you want to monitor and where to deliver the results. 

Rankur – herramienta de monitorización de reputación online

Take leverage from genuine negative reviews on social media

It is ideal to address and resolve any issues on the online channel used by your customer. Transparency is the key to an effective brand-customer relationship. There is nothing for a brand to hide from their customers. So, refrain from using email or private messaging mediums. Be sure to use the original thread of the conversation. On every social media platform, like Facebook and Instagram, you can use the Reply button to the comments directly. On Twitter, respond to any tweet with an @reply. 

5-Step Social Media & Online Reputation Management Plan

In this scenario, the customer is disappointed with the services at their dealership. The first thing to do is to apologize for the inconvenience. Then advise them to contact you along with their complaint. This will make them satisfied and content with an honest feedback. 

Accepting your responsibility is one thing that always makes the customer hear what you have to say. 

Safeguard your online reputation from fake negative mentions

Well, if the internet has made our lives easy, it has made them quite twisted as well. Amongst all the negative reviews you receive, some of them are unwarranted and fake. It is quite well known that most people conduct online research before making any purchasing decisions. There are different types of online reviews posted on a social channel. 

  • Genuine product comparison reviews written by people paid for selling one of those. These cannot be distinguished from the original ones. 
  • A customer spreading unfavorable or false claims about your company.
  • Reviews posted by customers that bought your product or used your service. This can be in exchange for discounts, coupons, etc. 

Have a plan in your mind while dealing with such issues. Most-of-the-times it is not easy to differentiate genuine reviews from fake ones. One way is to ask them for the Order ID or the product they bought from you that resulted in a negative experience. 

Hire people who know how to handle such situations 

Every brand needs to monitor their online reputation. With online medium becoming more important than brick and mortar stores, making sure that all your customers are satisfied with your products and services is necessary. 

So, if you are a medium or large-scale business, then people should hire online reputation management companies equipped and adept with such services. They can handle any sort of reputation crisis and take note of all your customers and their expectations. 

Wrapping It Up 

The internet has changed everything. It has made our lives easy and comfortable and if properly used by marketers, can be used as a prominent online sales and profit funnel. While it takes millions of dollars for a brand to build its reputation, it only takes 45 seconds to hamper it. In today’s world, nothing is more important than keeping your online channels updated and managing your brand’ s reputation, seems to be the right thing to do. 

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