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Top 5 Best Online Money-Making Opportunities In 2020

Top 5 Best Online Money-Making Opportunities In 2020

With the technological advancement, the ways of earning have also changed. And in the process, new online money-making opportunities has also been surfaced. Today, we are living in a digital era, where most of the things we do with the help of technologies.

The transition of the traditional world to the digital world has created many opportunities to make money. Most of these methods are evergreen and works all year round. While some are seasonal.

When it comes down to making money online, then the most valuable aspect is the number of traffic that you get on your website. The greater the amount of traffic on your site, the greater will be the chances of earning high income.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the online making opportunities that you can grab to earn some extra bucks.

Ways to make real money online

Let’s look at some of the proven methods that can help you earn some real cash online. In this list some of the methods you may already know and some of the methods might be something new. So, stick with me for more few minutes.

Live stream

Live streaming has become quite popular for gamers on social media. Many gamers use this chance to show some of the skills to the audiences. And in return, if audiences liked their stream, they can donate money to support their stream.

Live streaming is not limited to games only. The internet is a vast online world. It has all kinds of audiences. So, if you think you have something that can get you a batch of audiences, that means you can start a live stream.

Whether it is cooking, singing, playing musical instruments, gaming, Group discussion, anything that you are good at. You just have to be entertaining with your work. And if you are able to satisfy your viewers, then there is a chance that they drop some donations to support your stream.

Review apps and website

There are brands that want reviews on their product and services to improve themselves even further. And to do that they take help from the common people like me and you. But why should we help them? I know this is the first thing most of your must-have thought. But what if I add that you will be paid to do so. Does that ring the bell?

Yes, there are many brands out there who are willing to pay the people just for reviewing their products and services. You can use this method to earn some extra buck online.

The best part of this testing is that after reviewing the product for some time you get a rank of product tester. You can add this title to your resume. This will surely help you to add more value to your resume.

Become an online coach

If you consider yourself one of the best among your industry, then you must try adding a new income stream by online coaching programs. The technological advancement has surely provided membership sites that you can use to teach the younger generation.

When it comes down to finding the relevant information, you will find the internet is loaded with them. Every source of income says the same but in a different way and with a different approach. That can confuse many people out there,

This has created a demand of experts who can share their success stories and their ideas that had led them to the path they are at right now.

Whether its fashion, technology, finance, fitness, marketing or any other fields you can think of. In today’s world, you can be a person whom people can approach to clarify their thought process and understand what is the right way of doing things.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is by far the best way to earn money online. You do not need any products, services, inventory, delivery or customer services. You just need to be the middle that redirects the audiences to the eCommerce site. And if the buyer makes any purchase, you earn a commission out of it.

Though you may see this method to be quite intriguing, it is as hard as simple as it may look. Affiliate marketing can be tricky sometimes and in addition, you need skills to make your audience visit your business partner site and make a purchase.

You have to work really hard to make your content compelling so that your audiences get convinced about the products and make their purchase decision. Remember, until and unless there is no sale, you will also not earn any commission.

Direct advertisement

Do you remember? At the starting of this article only I stated that you need to have a reasonable amount of traffic at your site to earn money online. Well, this is related to that. Once your site reaches to a certain point where you have good domain authority and traffic. You can sell ad spaces.

If a website has thousands of visitors, the site owner can talk with the brands and can sell its ad spaces to them.

Let me give you an example, say you have a technology niche-based website. Where you have more than 20,000 visitors every month. You can use this opportunity to pitch technological brands for selling the ad spaces. If the brand finds that your website is good, you may land a deal with them.

However, you must remember that the value of yur ad spaces will depend on yur site, traffic and traffic engagements.


The list which I have just enumerated in this article is the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous methods by which you can make money online. You just have to have good eye to find the right market where you can see yourself and earn money out of it.

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Ariana Smith is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world through blogging. Ariana smith is associated with Follow The Fashion & content rally.

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