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10 Online Marketing Ideas For Painting Contractors

10 Online Marketing Ideas For Painting Contractors

Wondering how to market a painting business? Nowadays, there are plenty of online marketing ideas that painting contractors can use to not just kick-start their business but also facilitate its growth. Through online marketing, painting contractors can reach out to local customers and get new clients. From using local SEO (search engine optimization) to taking advantage of Facebook Ads, there are numerous tools available for painting contractors to help their business gain a stronghold in the highly competitive marketplace.

Given the highly competitive nature of the online marketplace, it has become essential for businesses to use the right strategies and create relevant campaigns that can help them make a mark. Certain online marketing ideas are considered to be cost effective and yield long-lasting results for the business.

There are few online marketing ideas that established painting contractors use to expand their customer base. Listed below are some of the best ideas you can use for marketing for painting contractors. These are time-tested ideas that have helped painting contractors achieve positive results for their business.

1. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO is an excellent advertising painting business idea that can help businesses kick-start a successful SEO campaign. The best way to do is by making the website search engine friendly. Search engine giants like Google and Bing provide higher rankings to websites that are well optimized. It is a great way to build online visibility of the website and increase organic traffic of the website.

2. Facebook Ads

Running targeted Facebook ads are among the best online marketing ideas that painting contractors can use to successfully market a painting business. Targeted ads let you reach out to targeted customers as per the demographics of the business. Depending on the age group of your target customers as well as their location and income, you can spread awareness about your business through targeted Facebook Ads.

3.Localization of Mobile Ads

If you’re wondering how to market a painting business, then you should try localization of mobile ads. Create mobile ads that focus on local groups. There are a lot of companies that provide digital marketing services that include hyper customization of mobile ads. From using local phone numbers to stating the area postcode in the ad headline, there are plenty of ways in which you can make mobile ads friendly for the locals. This is a surefire way to reach out to the local customers and establish a brand name in the local marketplace.

4. Referrals

Another time-tested strategy that works wondrously in making the local painting business successful among the customers is referrals. A majority of customers hire painting contractors after receiving referrals from other customers. For this painting contractors must make sure to provide top-quality services to all their customers. This is an age-old way to increase brand awareness among the local marketplace. Ask customers to provide referrals to be able to tap into the local network of customers.

5. Mention Details on the Website

Starting a painting business? Then, it is critical to inform potential customers about the details of the business. Make sure that the website displays information about the business. Information such as the contact details (phone number, email id, postal address) and business hours to ensure that the customers are well informed and can easily contact with the business.

6. Create Content with a Local Focus

There is no denying the fact that content marketing is one of the best ways to market a business online. Given the importance that search engines like Google and Bing place on content, this form of marketing can make a world of difference to the overall success of the website and your business. Work on generating fresh and engaging content that is relevant for the local customers. This is an amazing way to give your painting business a competitive edge among the other businesses.

7. Call-Only Ads

As per the reports, the call-only ads have proven to be extremely beneficial for painting contractors. Call-only ads are advertisements that urge interested customers to contact the business. By using these ads you can convey the brand’s message to the customers and also encourage them to get in touch with the business. The call-only ads are highly targeted ads that often result in immediate calls.

8. Geo Targeting and Google Adwords

Geo targeting and Google Adwords involves location targeting. Geotargeted mobile ads and Google Adwords help the painting business reach out to potential customers. These strategies can prove to be hugely advantageous for the painting business. Through these strategies you can target the interested customers in the location of your business. You can get your business visible to the people in the nearby area and increase the chances of your business establishing a stronghold.

9. Google My Business

Using Google My Business page, the business listing page on Google can play a huge role in determining the success of the local SEO campaign. Not only is this online marketing idea cost-effective but it also increases the visibility on Google search. List your painting business on Google My Business and offer a platform for local customers to get in touch with the business. Your customers can post reviews and get to know about special offers. It also works as an effective promotional device for reaching out to potential customers.

10. Custom Landing Pages

Want to design a successful campaign for marketing for painting contractors, just create custom landing pages to improve the overall user experience and increase the overall conversion rate. Designing custom landing pages is also effective in offering a personalized experience to the customers. Additionally, you can inform customers about the different promotional offers on the landing pages and boost conversion rates.

Use these ideas to earn qualified leads for your business and outrank the competitors. Painting contractors can hire agencies that specialize in offering these services to attain the best results for their business. These online marketing ideas can help you achieve business goals and attain more and more customers.

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