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7 Skills to Look for When Hiring an Online Marketing Company in Melbourne

7 Skills to Look for When Hiring an Online Marketing Company in Melbourne

Digital marketing trends are moving as fast as the rapid evolution of technology. There are better ways to market and monitor the online presence nowadays. 

Keeping that in mind, every business owner needs to hire a compatible online marketing company in Melbourne – a company that updates its online marketing skills with the growing technology. From social media to analytics, the techniques of an agency should be future-proof. 

To make it happen, a business leader can focus on these skills when hiring a digital marketing agency:

1. Fluency in analytics and its representation

Extensive knowledge of the latest analytics is necessary to assess overall online presence. Professionals should be able to evaluate the ROI and performance of all different digital channels. This includes blogs, SEO, social media, email marketing, website and more. 

When the market is moving dynamically, tracking is everything to thrive and evolve strategies from time to time. Hence, a digital agency should have the latest tools and resources to monitor campaigns, customers and other specific activities conducted. Only then, a business can separate profits from the investments made on digital marketing. 

A team of experts should exceed expectations in:

  • Emerging analytics fluency 
  • Mapping and transforming data 
  • Data-driven reports
  • Excellence in handling unstructured data

2. Strong project management capabilities

Almost every business is conducting digital transformation activities, for which, they require capable full-service agencies. At the same time, businesses regularly have to establish and implement marketing projects in the digital world. 

When investing in digital projects, a business leader wants to ensure top-level management throughout that project. This leads to the need for a qualified team with years of expertise in handling digital projects. A digital agency should be able to define the scope, plan, implement and of course track projects for small, medium and large business models. 

3. Excellence in video content development and promotion

There’s no hype in saying that video has become a relevant element of promotion in the digital world. In fact, it is rapidly moving from being a supporting character to the lead character in content promotion strategies. Customers are capable of consuming videos on multiple social media platforms. Even search engines are presenting playable video links on SERPs. 

All these factors make video content knowledge a necessity from a digital agency. A business leader should look into the capacity of professionals to develop and promote video content. Evaluate their ability to incorporate videos in overall content strategy. 

4. Reliable understanding of emerging AI in digital 

Artificial Intelligence is changing business functions and promotion techniques across industries. Even Google utilises RankBrain for SERP rankings, which is an AI-based algorithm. Businesses are using AI technologies in websites and applications to promote products and services more efficiently. The E-commerce industry is utilising voice recognition to support the buyer’s journey. 

The use of AI will keep on growing. So, it would be a wise move to hire a digital agency that understands this technology. Experts should be able to design highly personalised campaigns and content to match the standards set by emerging AI technologies in the digital medium. 

5. Powerful UX and web accessibility skills

The ubiquity of the digital medium makes web accessibility an expectation more than a demand. This is why digital agencies need to ensure the accessibility of a website to everyone. 

Along with the accessibility, the user experience also plays a great role in defining the success of a business. A digital agency should offer web designing and development services. And these services have to be aligned with the user experience and accessibility guidelines provided by Google. 

It is essential that a site becomes user-friendly and compatible with all screen sizes. Hence, professionals should excel in the use of colour contrast, layout, fonts, white spacing and SEO to design and develop a high-quality web platform. 

This skill is essential even if a business already has a full-fledged website. Every site requires re-designing work after a few years to align with the evolved algorithms and digital trends. 

6. Excellent paid advertising campaign management

A digital agency should be able to deliver excellent results with highly targeted, well-managed and thoroughly measured campaigns. Professionals should know the techniques of creating goal-specific and ROI-based strategies. Look for certified professionals and advanced tools to pick a reliable agency. Market research, finding consumer preferences, learning about industry trends and compiling all data sets are important skills. Plus, professionals should be capable of making sense of their research and utilise it in ad campaign creation. 

7. Ability to create campaign-specific content strategies

Content is one puzzle piece that fits in all digital promotion strategies. However, the format of content changes from campaign to campaign. So, a digital agency has to possess the ability to develop best-suited content strategies.

With the mentioned skills, an online marketing company in Melbourne will deliver the best results for years. So, look for the given skills when assessing a digital agency for a long-term partnership. 

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