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Is Canva Really the Best Online Graphics Tool?

Is Canva Really the Best Online Graphics Tool?

Canva is in fact an online tool that you can use to recreate designs of all kinds. From posters to flyers, from business cards to book covers, from web banners to social graphics. In short, you can do it more for your design task.

Online Graphics Tool

It is an imposing tool and wins millions of users around the world. Platforms of this kind, online graphic design tool, are in fact, expanding like wildfire, making it very difficult to navigate in an attempt to catch the best portal.

Is Canva really the best?

Better to be wary of bad copies then? Well, this depends on your needs. Even the giant startup has some annoying flaws or shortcomings that can only be filled through a payment plan.

Instead, there are other programs that are very similar to the Australian unicorn that can offer the same services, perhaps with a few more features.

If you are curious to discover Canva’s best opponents to make some good alternatives, then you’d better continue reading.

Whether you are a blogger, the owner of a company or a small business owner, you will certainly need to create professional graphics. Image and advertising go hand in hand, and unless you are a graphic designer or an expert in powerful graphics software, you risk finding yourself in trouble.

Here are sites like Canva to help us, allowing us to create works with good visual impact without the slightest knowledge of such programs.

What would you not love about Canva?

To start up the article by talking about Canva, the undisputed leading role of the sector, who deserves a lot of praise, but who is not exempt from some criticism.

First of all, speed is not his forte, and we all know that time is money. Canva will also be rich in features, but exploiting them in slow motion is not exactly pleasant. As our canvas fills with graphic elements, the risk (very high) of slowing down and screen freezes will also increase.

Secondly, you could not search for exclusively free images. Yes, that’s right. Your searches will then be plastered with a mixture of free images, photos for the price of $ 1 and material reserved for Pro users. Only by upgrading to Canva for Work will you be free to base your searches on images only for free. 

Last but not least, Canva hides some transactions. Quite annoying, right? It would be unacceptable that when you are going to pay to get some material after buying a pay plan. So, even if you just upgraded, you risk having to drop extra money for the most appealing templates. 

All this, combined with the fact that the base plan does not allow the saving of images with transparent background, nor to resize a project according to our needs, nor the possibility of uploading personal fonts, makes Canva an excellent tool even with some considerable limitations.

Are there any valid alternatives to Canva?

Of course, they exist, and they are more than one! I have tested several, and if you have the patience to continue reading, I will show you the ones I personally consider to be the best alternatives to Canva.


Unlike Canva and the other platforms, DesignCap is more restrictive about templates. It focuses almost exclusively on the promotion events templates like posters and flyers before. However, different types of projects are not lacking, such as posts, covers, infographics.

If effective is an essential requirement for you, choose DesignCap. Never seen such a fast online graphics tool.

It will also be for this reason that this tool in question is rather weak in graphics compared to Canva. No frills, therefore, for this light and ultra-fast tool, but be careful, because simple is not synonymous with ugly.

As mentioned, it will never be as powerful as Photoshop to do more detail design. However, DesignCap remains an excellent online tool to prefer for speed and simplicity. Recreating eye-catching graphics will be quick and super comfortable. A nice time saver from both a practical and a learning curve point of view!


If you are looking for a tool very similar to Canva both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, then I suggest you take a look at it. On balance, it appears to be in all probability its direct competitor par excellence.

Like the Australian giant, Designbold also offers a wide variety of models to work with.

Finding what is right for you will not be a problem, as you will be free to move from cards to infographics, from eBooks to Twitter posts, from presentations to album covers. There really is something for everyone!

As mentioned above, everything or almost everything you can find on Canva, you can also find it on Designbold.

You will then have more than 20,000 items such as fonts, frames, lines, icons and grids to use.


Desygner is one of the most competitive online graphics tools among all those tested.

Let’s start by saying that as a variety of templates. You can choose to try your hand at creating social media posts,  email headers, blog banners, sales material, presentations, logos, and even fun models such as a wanted poster. Are enough?

As for graphics, the number is smaller than in Canva and Designbold. In any case, do not think you are left without words, because you will be able to find many useful resources for your designs, including the classic grids and frames and 1000 icons and shapes.

In Desygner’s free plan, the possibility of uploading personal characters is absent, but the site is forgiven great with extremely interesting features.

So this tool is really worth you to try it.

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