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How to build on-demand food delivery app like Uber Eats

How to build on-demand food delivery app like Uber Eats

The urge of On demand food service is mushrooming as to offer the scrumptious meals to satisfy the cravings of hunger. Whether you rush for the office or stay miles away from the homes and supermarkets, the amaze of on demand food delivery apps add a spark in our monotonous life.

Below are the practical strategies to develop on demand food delivery app like uber for making life simple and hassle-free.

Features of food delivery app for User Panel

The prime step to drive a delivery app is to download the mobile food app from Google Play store or apple play store to register your identity for accessing the complete service.

1. Login

Users can log on the app via social integration of Gmail, Facebook or by using one time password to confirm the personal mobile number.

2. Location

As per the user’s current location, the app is shortlisted available restaurants near you. It enables you to select a preferred location from the dashboard.

3. Homepage

Homepage is the main layout that exhibits the brief details of restaurants along with listing best deals offers and discounts to serve you the best food service.

4. Menu

Menu is the main feature of the food app. It enables you to make a choice as per the desire of eating habits. Plus, you will easily know the customer reviews, expected delivery time and check the images of several dishes to place order in one go.

5. Pickup Location

It is the exact location where you receive the order so, you may set the home location by manually or via GPS system.

6. Cart feature & Payment

This section is to manage the order request or set the food quantity with given plus and minus option. It will give details to check the total cost along with additional taxes that vary from specific meals. You can also increase or lessen the quantity before making a payment via debit card, credit card or by cash.

7. Discounts & Offers

This app notifies the customers regarding new offers and festive discounts to make the users dine out, breakfast and lunch special every day.

8. Previous Orders

It maintains the customer past orders to make easier to reorder the same order without tapping and typing the address location.

9. Search Option

It is a good idea for the people who live in remote areas or senior citizens to manually search the favorite restaurants to enjoy the food service.

10. Delivery Boy Location

It gives the exact location of delivery boy with full details such as contact number, arrival time, name of the boy who comes to parcel the order in your doorstep.

Features of food delivery app for restaurant panel

1. Login

Login and registration process for the restaurant owners is similar, but they have to submit business documentation as a legal proof.

2. Dashboard

It keeps updated to restaurant managers that order is pending, completed or in processing.

3. Acceptance or Rejection of orders

It is an essential factor of uber for food delivery services to meet the customer expectations. Order delays mess up the restaurant service as not every restaurants apps allowed home deliver so the owner can confirm and cancel the order from their side.

4. Manage Account

To make the restaurant branding more productive, set up of cuisines images, logo, name, order quantity, charges of dishes are must have features on the menu to clarify the customers.

5. Mode of Payment

PayPal and Wallet like apps makes easier for the users to transfer the money easily rather than to deposit the money on bank accounts. You can also reveal the daily revenue report to enhance the app service.

What makes the app simple and powerful! The responsive page layout, drag and drop function, user-friendly features magnifies the user experience and two folds the reputation over search engine.

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