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Secret Tips to Managing Offshore Software Development Team

Secret Tips to Managing Offshore Software Development Team

Managers should know how to lead an Offshore software development team effectively, whether the unit is internal or local Managers assign the work to the team members, check the job periodically, and check the report of progression of their employee.

The communication between the manager and the team members should be very transparent. While managing a team and a group of best offshore developers, they have to face some challenges like socioeconomic differences, culture, and the language.

In this article, we will share how to manage Offshore software development team efficiently.

Share the vision of your product

The best offshore developers should know the full product idea. Sometimes, managers assign them the natural part of the project. Offshore developers need to know about the goal of the project and software development outsourcing, including the complete details of the project.

Let them visualize your product so that they can easily understand the project and make their choice about the work. They have to know the security of their job and the location of the project.

They have to be updated with the upcoming items of their work. You should share the details about sprint planning and the release.

Over communication

When you work with a team which is far away from you, It is quite easy to keep them in the dark about different aspects of the project. When you check out an office or an organization, these things become apparent.

If your remote employee gets gifts and memos the reason of which they are unaware; let them know…

You should communicate with them about the work regularly, not once a week or in a formal meeting. Whenever a situation comes, you should help them with their work.

Working in different time zones

This is the biggest challenge while working in an offshore development team. Suppose your organization is located in the USA, and the software development outsourcing team is located in the Philippines;   the time difference is about 13 hours! In such a case, you have to communicate with your team via chat or phone regularly, either early morning or late at night depending on their work hours.

Communicate through video conferencing

A phone call or video conference eases communication as you see a real human and hear an authentic voice. You can identify their moods and emotions. This helps you to build a bond and maintain a good relationship with your team member. It is easy to talk about the progression of work through a video conference; a joke or a bit of humor helps to build a rapport.

Adequate training

Developers need to learn about the product and new technology. If management arranges training for them, they will be more productive and work efficiently. Sometimes, the management quit the offshore team because they don’t have time for providing adequate training to the offshore team members.

Give them productive work

Many organizations find offshore developers who work for the minimum payment. If you hire offshore developers for your team, don’t involve them to do short work or work which could not be done. You should give them the value of their knowledge.

Take the help of pictures and video

It is essential to communicate with the team members appropriately. Quick videos and screenshots work very well for the medium of communication. A screenshot makes the work easy to understand and visualize what the opposite side wants to talk about. It will save time.

Recruit the right team

You should hire offshore developers by seeing their knowledge and dedication towards work. You have to find a developer with excellent communication skills. Always hire an experienced developer who has experience in software development.


These are the secrets for managing the offshore software development team. This article will be beneficial for the company who are thinking to arrange an Offshore Software Development Team. It will help them to create and manage a team in an efficient way. You have to remember every secret provided here that can help you can manage the offshore development team.

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