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A Refreshing Long-weekend Trip to North USA

A Refreshing Long-weekend Trip to North USA

Clouds, colours and smiles, the first thing I noticed on my trip to North USA. 

Each of us notices something different and astonishing in our travel journeys. Be it a trip to the mountains or travelling by train, exploring the world has altogether an entirely different kind of feeling. 

On this journey, Tripp App was my real-time GPS tracking app for iPhone that made my trip worth it! North USA is a pure delight encompassing sky touching mounta stunned to look at the picturesque skyscrapers and majestic Statue of Liberty. Things which we have only seen in books and pictures!

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Unmatched Sunrise at Mount Haleakala in Hawaii 

I lost track of my way, but thanks to Tripp App, best iPhone real-time tracking app for finding me the shortest and safest way to my destination. What better than watching the sunrise in the morning from up in the mountains! Imagine the scenic view where nights are painted to yellow-orangish morning. Undoubtedly, this moment into tranquillity is like no other moments lived. 

Hiking from Pacific Crest Trail in USA 

How can you miss on the long-distance route that spans 2.650 miles? This trail is the longest one and cuts through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. I just downloaded real-time GPS tracking app for iPhone and got to walk through places like arid deserts, glaciated valleys and thick forests. pacific Crest Trail must top ins and breath-taking adventures.

I went to New York and wasyour bucket list 2020. Ticking it off from mine, the best hiking places with stunning landscapes! 

Cycling around Chicago, Illinois 

Cycling in the streets of Chicago, Illinois and gasping over its breath-taking architecture, I had one hell of a time. Pedalling down the lane, Tripp App’s navigation voice feature showed me the way to beaches along with the awe-inspiring shoreline. Rating it as the best iPhone real-time tracking app. Even I took some fantastic pictures and recorded videos of the landscape through Tripp App. Just Wow!

Visiting Great Vow Zen Monastery in Clatskanie, Oregon 

Admiring the beauty of the place, one cannot miss out the ancient monasteries in Oregon, founded in 2002. Witness the architectural marvel that adds to the reflection and spiritual growth. Participate in meditation, chanting and other works to heal yourself from stress! A real-time GPS tracking app for iPhone is all that you need. It will take you these religious sites effortlessly. 

Here are the four best iPhone travel apps that are pretty popular in the USA:

DealNews – Best Deals on Hotels and Restaurants

Finding the best deals and coupons for you, DealNews is the best travel mobile app in the USA that meets your requirement effortlessly. It never lets you miss the discounts and offers launched every day by local restaurants. You can now travel without worrying about your taste buds. DealNews has got you some of the great deals!

Hopper – Book Flights at Great Deals  

Right from predicting how prices will change to offering the best discounts of flight bookings, Hopper is your go-to app in the USA. The app reminds you time-to-time about the best deals, where you can grab the best flights at reasonable rates without missing on the hot deals. Hooper is the best android and iPhone real-time tracking app that helps you choose what’s safe and enjoyable for you.

What are you waiting for, download the best iPhone real-time tracking app and have a memorable journey!

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