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North Carolina Travel Guide

North Carolina Travel Guide

Some of the most interesting activities on our North Carolina travel guide are in nature. Nature is one of the best things that this state has to offer to tourists. Alt text: a road going through a mountain, surrounded by trees that are all in autumn colors.

North Carolina is one of those states that have so much to offer to tourists that decide to pay it a visit. No wonder the number of tourists visiting The Tar Heel State has been growing every single year. When you visit it, you can enjoy museums, parks, restaurants, outdoor activities, the beach and many more places that are perfect for a vacation. Since there is much to do we would strongly advise you to make your own North Carolina travel guide and visit all the places that peak your interest. To help you out we have prepared some great and very exciting suggestions. So, keep on reading…

Best places to add to your North Carolina Travel Guide 

When vacationing people have different tastes in activities that they like to do and that they consider fun. Some like to visit adventure travel destinations, while others like places that are more laid back and chill. Therefore, we have added a little bit of everything to the mix in our North Carolina travel guide.

Start preparing for your upcoming vacation with a much-needed travel guide. Alt text: prepared things for a vacation: a camera, hat, sunglasses, etc.

Blue Ridge Parkway 

This phenomenal place is also known as America’s Favorite Drive. This is no wonder since this glorious road spreads over 469 miles. It starts at Great Smokey Mountains National Park in North Carolina and it spreads all the way to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Nevertheless, this parkways length is not what is truly impressive about it. The best part about visiting this place is the striking scenery. Also, there are many picnic stops that are connected to different hiking trails. Thus, when planning your next travel expedition, don’t forget about this place. It is truly a sight to remember.


This is a small but very charming town. In size, it might be small but it sure is big when it comes to character. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy organic grocery stores, craft galleries, and venues that play Indian music. In addition to that, the Art Center offers many exciting exhibitions and plays to its visitors. It is a perfect place for those that like a more peaceful vacation that gives you a chance to walk around and explore. Carrboro Farmer’s Market offers many regional souvenirs and handmade stuff.

When you feel like you are done with exploring and shopping you can hit one of the local coffee shops or restaurants. You will see that southern charm is still well and alive. Everybody is extremely polite and helpful. You can have fun in Carrboro without spending any money if you are on a tight travel budget. This place can truly fit everybody’s needs and liking.

When you get tired of exploring Carrboro, take a much-needed break at a local cafe. Their cappuccinos are out of this world. Alt text: a cafe place with their bar fully stocked with all needed supplies for coffee making.

The Biltmore Estate 

If you are visiting Ashville, you cannot miss visiting this attraction. This 8000-acre compound is the largest private home in the United States. The Vanderbilt Mansion is made up of a modest number of rooms, which comes up to a number of 250. The interior is divine and shows of all the best and most prestigious art collections. Plus, interior design is also not too shabby. That is not all, not even close. We cannot talk about his establishment without mentioning its heavenly outdoors. The best part about this estate is the Rose Garden which shelters more than 250 rose varieties. Wait! We are still not done. The outside also includes a managed forest and a very impressive deer park. Everything that his place has to offer will without a doubt make your jaw drop, so don’t forget to add it to your North Carolina travel guide.

Chapel Hill 

When visiting Chapel Hill, you must visit the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center. All lovers of science and space can experience one of 15 shows that this institution offers. This is the perfect place for future astronauts and space enthusiasts. The planetarium is located in our nation’s oldest public university, The University of North Carolina.

So, now that you have soaked in some knowledge and history it is time to get your fan hat on. Yes, you have guessed it! It is time to support and cheer on the North Carolina Tar Heels basketball players. The atmosphere during these games is electric. A real treat for all fans of college sports. There is plenty more to explore since Chapel Hill has a lot to offer to its newcomers.

North Carolina Zoo 

The Tar Heel Zoo houses over 1600 species of animals and 5200 different types of plants. Visiting this place can truly be a big treat for you and your family. The path within the Zoo is 5 miles long, so make sure you put on your best walking shoes and get ready for a true adventure. Ticket prices are the following:

  • Adults that are of age 13 to 61 – $15.00.
  • Children that are age 2 to 12 – $11.00.
  • Senior that are of age 62+ – $13.00.
  • Kids under 2 can go in for free

If you have kids this is a must on your North Carolina travel guide. Now that you know the ticket prices you can include them in your travel budget.

Which animals are you looking forward to seeing in North Carolina Zoo? Alt text: a cute giraffe bending over her head.

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