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5 Steps to Create a Nonprofit Marketing Plan

5 Steps to Create a Nonprofit Marketing Plan

If you want to get your non-profit marketing initiative to generate funds that lets you work on different projects you need to rely on marketing. In a tech savvy world non-profits that are following well-thought out marketing plans are growing fast and being able to implement the plans they have. Digital marketing has naturally emerged as the most rewarding platform to run campaigns. Lower costs coupled with increased reach have made it the go to medium for creating and running marketing plans.

But if you though posting an appeal on Facebook or simply creating view videos to be shared on YouTube would help you engage with the donor community your idea is completely misplaced. You will have to approach the whole campaign with the same fervour and professionalism as any corporate organization does. This brings us to the most important question – how do non-profits create their marketing plans and execute them? Here are five steps that would let you create compelling marketing plans that would take you closer to your objectives.

Choose Your Goal Carefully

While most non-profit organizations do run rudimentary marketing campaigns majority fail to achieve results they look for. The problem isn’t with the choice of medium in running the campaign but inability to set the goal for the campaign. The goals of your campaign can be many from finding donations and improving community engagement to increasing awareness about the initiatives you have taken up. The problem is when you try to pack all these goals in a single campaign. While your campaign need not be unidirectional you’ll have to pick a primary goal. Your campaign needs to be built around that narrative and all other things that you wish to share should be part of the footnote.    

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Define How Results Would Be Measured

The problem with several non-profit marketing campaigns is the fact that they aren’t driven by results. As any small business marketing consultant would tell you if strict targets and time frames aren’t defined you are likely to never achieve the kind of results you aspire for. When you are working with your consultant you need to define the following things –

Be ambitious but set a target that is achievable and be specific about the results such as money be raised or number of people to engage

Next set a method that can measure the results. Measuring can be easy with money but little tricky with community engagement

Set time-based deadlines and divide the goal into smaller milestones which help in achieving them faster.            

Identifying The Right Method

Once you have set your target and goals the next step is to identify the right method to reach those targets. There are several campaigns that fall flat as non-profit organizations end up reaching out to their audience in the wrong way. Start by identifying the right people that can power your campaign. When you wish to reach out to the masses you need someone with strong credentials to support your cause. Social media influencers, people with great reputation in the community or celebrities can serve your goal well. Identify them and reach out to them with your appeal and ideas and getting them on board shouldn’t be a problem.        

Create An Inspirational Message

If you talk to a digital marketing agency in San Diego or elsewhere they would always stress on the importance of a compelling message. The purpose of this message should be to hold your audience long enough to read it till the end and take actions you desire them to take. Naturally your message has to be creative and one that would strike the chord with the target audience immediately.      

Choose the Right Platform

The last step in this process is to choose the right platform to take your campaign forward. The golden rule is to choose a platform where you have your target audience. Or you can run across different platforms and use their inherent characters. For instance Facebook is great for showcasing your past initiatives of talking about your grand plan. Similarly you can use Twitter to share news about your campaign and have your website at the centre of all these to offer detailed information to the target audience.

To sum up running a non-profit organization or taking up a noble cause is a great initiative. The success of your initiative would rest on how well you manage your marketing campaign. In a tech savvy world you will need to run your campaign in corporate style with the same kind of professionalism and tenacity to achieve results.  

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