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Node JS Vs Django –  Which is Best for Web Development

Node JS Vs Django – Which is Best for Web Development

Node JS and Django are extensively used these days for making different kinds of web application development projects. To choose the right option when you want to come up with high quality smart applications, it is very important for you to learn the differences among these programs. So let’s have a closer look at them and see which of them is better suited for the purpose of web development. 

Node JS Development

While JavaScript is primarily known for its superior client-side development features, Node.js is meant specifically meant for server-side development. Node JS is one of the most widely used JavaScript runtime environments written in JavaScript, C, and C++. It is an open source environment that functions in an event-driven, cross platform, non-blocking I/O model. Node JS comes with Node Package Manager or npm which is used for installing packages that are vital for the smooth functioning of Node.js. Such features invariably lead Node Js developers to deliver top notch application development solutions. 


  • Node JS is stacked with numerous great libraries
  • It can consistently deliver high performance
  • Node JS is perfect for building APIs.
  • It is known for its huge user community
  • Node JS is empowered with a powerful package manager called Node Package Manager
  • It can handle concurrent requests in a smooth and easy manner


  • Asynchronous programming tasks can be rather difficult to handle 
  • Callbacks lead to large scale nested callbacks
  • It is not well suited for CPU intensive apps since it mainly works with a single thread

Django Development  

Django is an extremely robust Python web framework. The open source framework truly stands out for the high level features and performance it has to offer. It mainly follows a Model Template View or MTV design pattern. Django can help developers to complete projects in a quick and efficient way. It is also user friendly for beginner developers who already have a strong understanding and knowledge of Python. Applications that are made with Django typically have a clean and neat design and both simple and complex web applications can be built with it. 


  • It has practically little to no loopholes in terms of security
  • It works perfectly fine with the relational databases
  • Django is very easy to learn and use 
  • It ensures a speedy development process
  • Django is very scalable 
  • It has a huge user community
  • Django comes with the added benefit of great documentation


  • Django is monolithic and therefore has a standard single-tiered software application
  • It is necessary to have a complete understanding of framework to develop apps
  • It is not well suited great for making small-scale apps
  • Developers have limited flexibility when it comes to developing the apps  

Comparison between Node JS and Django

  • Django ensures excellent security in terms of application development. This means that developers hardly need to worry about any kind of security concerns. The Node.js runtime environment also comes with good security features but developers must make sure that the application itself is secure enough.
  • Django is not suited for full stack web application development projects. Node.js is now rising in popularity as it offers full stack Java which can be used by developers for writing codes for backend as well as front-end applications.
  • Django is extremely versatile and it can be easily used for computing platforms, content management as well as large scale web application development tasks. On the other hand, Node.js is well suited for a different scale of web based JavaScript applications. It presents with space and freedom to develop applications right from the scratch. For this reason, all Node JS experts in India strongly recommend working with Node JS.
  • The Node.js community is extremely active and they can help developers and programmers to effectively improve themselves as they offer web development solutions. Django has only a few communities that can offer you proper technical support.

To have the best results with your app development project, it is vital that you weigh the pros and cons of both Node JS and Django and decide on the one that is going to best suit your needs. Make sure that you hire Node JS experts when you want to develop web applications with Node.js.   

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