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The bright side of negative opinions

The bright side of negative opinions

It seems like not many people have noticed something very important that is essential when talking about client opinions. So, let’s try to make it clear: Negative opinions can be an ally. In fact, they can be even better than a good opinion. Now you will see why.

We all know the strength of online opinions not only for sales or ranking position of an e-commerce in Google but also in reputation. Basically, reputation is what makes people trust you or not.

Many shops do not use review platforms because they fear negative opinions, without realizing that not having reviews generates misgivings. Above all, fearing negative opinions means losing all the possibilities and benefits of good ones. Furthermore, The vast majority of online reviews are positive.

Customers can do a lot to help you improve your store and can see things that you may have overlooked. Listening to them is always advisable. It’s like having a free online consultant.

Last but not least, if a client wants to share a negative opinion about you, he will find a place to publish it, and he will make you and your clients aware of it. And sometimes the places chosen for those reviews don’t allow you to reply. So don’t miss the chance to have the possibility of showing how much you care.

But what should we do when we receive a negative review?

Knowing how to answer and deal with negative opinions is essential. It is mandatory to look at bad opinions with good eyes. Don’t even consider deleting or erasing a review! Your customers will talk wherever they can. If they do not speak in your store they will talk on social networks, which can be worse. 

A negative opinion is an opportunity When a bad review shows up, the best thing you can do is to see it as an opportunity to improve. I know it seems easy to say, but it’s true. A customer who feels dissatisfied is a chance to learn from your own business, as a matter of fact, most customers will return if their incidence is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Be grateful

This client has taken the time to devote a review to you, it is actually giving you a good opportunity to rectify the problem.

Do not run away

Do not hide from this, we all make mistakes, including companies. Relax, it’s not unforgivable. Customers do not complain just because there has been a problem, they do so because the problem has not been solved in a satisfactory manner. 

Turn crisis into opportunity

Dealing with a bad review is a good opportunity to show that you are a company committed to your work and your customers.

Learn from the Feedback

This is something that is turning the e-commerce world upside down, therefore it has been discussed in talks, conferences, advertisements and more. Feedback results have an extreme value. It has been demonstrated in statistics, numbers and heat maps. Let’s be honest, the reviews in your store are the best feedback you can get from your customers.

Also, if you put yourself in your reviewer’s shoes before answering, then you might win over, not only that client but also future clients. Demonstrate the difference between finding an elegant solution to a problem or being overwhelmed by the situation.

By Lina Pedelini


As a Social Communicator and Digital Marketing specialist, Lina is responsible for content creation and introducing to the UK market. Outside of the office, she can be found enjoying the beach, training and having fun with friends.

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