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Waking up early in the morning as the sun rises while the cold breeze of the morning air is hitting you is the best thing ever, considering that peace and hope are both egging on within; encouraging you to keep moving forward. However, when you find yourself awakening because of a foul smell that keeps lingering within the atmosphere of your home and a few bugs that are buzzing around near your ears. Then that is definitely the legit definition of waking up on the wrong side of your bed.

Clogged sinks and drains are the most common plumbing problems homeowners face. Maintaining the cleanliness within the vicinity of your humble abode is always the main prioritization of a homeowner. It is considered a requirement inside a shelter in able to keep you and your family from danger. Since when neatness is absent in a household, chaos is going to be the one that will be present within. Starting from getting unnecessary diseases because of the insanitation that you and your family are not following, failure of respiratory system because of the bad odor that is radiating within, and to having lots of extraneous arguments as well.

Nevertheless, no matter how much you are keeping the immaculacy within your house, are you sure that it is one hundred one percent germ and junk free? Are you also making sure to disinfect and scrub off any dust or formed dirt within the pipe system?

It is one of the sole deficiencies of a householder of not cleaning their pipes and even snaking off grimes from their drains. By leaving clogs on sinks and drains will be inconvenient and leave unwanted residue behind. Mainly because they are unaware of the filth that is building up within these small drainage systems due to whatever it is in taking. Tenants will only then notice a problem when the water from either their kitchen or bathroom sink are draining slowly or when there is a disgusting scent that is beginning to give off from the drain.

There is no prevention that is being implemented, no matter how much the professionals are recommending and making weekly precautions to always keep an eye as well in this part of the house to avoid it from worsening. And it will definitely lead to major problems if there is no proper sustenance. Such as additional spend of money because the sewer lines are in need of repair or paying a professional plumber to make sure it won’t clog again.

Howbeit, do you know that there is a quick solution that you can do by your own when your sinks and shower drains are clogged? Yes, there really is. Here are some of the following methods enumerated below. 

  1. Hot Water Technique
  2. Plunger
  3. Plumbing Snake

The rest of it will be on our infographic below especially brought to you by Mr. Rooter with all the information about do-it-yourself drain clogs. 

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