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Offshore or Nearshore Software development: How to choose the best company in 2020?

Offshore or Nearshore Software development: How to choose the best company in 2020?

There is no doubt about it; outsource software development is moving fast. Many exciting industrial sectors like IT offers small, media and large-scale enterprise to expand, diversify and develop their business. And these opportunities are only growing. Both nearshore and offshore outsourcing companies are becoming increasingly popular and changing fast to meet rapidly evolving market demands in 2020.


What is offshore software development?

Offshore software development refers to outsourcing projects to third-party software agency or developers. The offshore development company can handle mobile and web app development, web development and design projects of clients from another country, generally from different time zone. 

Outsourcing can be done in different ways:

  1. Allotment of projects to agencies or individual freelancers 
  2. Assigning the entire project or only certain features or parts
  3. Hire a dedicated team of developers 

The dedicated team for offshore product development services has expertise in many software and technologies. Let’s take the example of mobile app development. Creating a flawlessly working mobile app needs a concept artist, Unity 3D developer, 3D model artist, motion graphic designers, UX and UX designer and all of them. Only a single developer could be an expert in all those areas; thus, hiring an entire team is the best option to address your outsourcing needs. 

What is nearshore software development? 

Nearshore outsourcing companies are the same thing as offshore outsourcing, but the only difference is proximity. The nearshore software development companies refer to the companies operating from the same zone or in the same country. 

One of the largest benefits of hiring a nearshore development company is similar work culture. Let’s take an example for better understanding. American companies can hire the nearshore development company. Hiring the company from the same region will help you to have the same work culture and working methodologies. The cost is also affordable for hiring nearshore software development companies. 

Advantages of offshore and nearshore companies 

Apart from the costs of hiring the offshore and nearshore software development companies, you can find many benefits to consider the best one in 2020. 

Affordable costs

Lower cost of living countries is the best suit for offshore development when compared to Western countries. 

Specific skills

The employees of the offshore and nearshore companies have good academic qualification and skills in software engineering. Most of the developers have one or two specific skills and thus has the ability to do the task in a better and quick way. 

No needs for training

Outsourcing your projects can help you to avoid operational costs, administrative costs. You, additionally, don’t have to worry about office space, recruiting and equipment. 

Data security

You can sign an NDA with your selected outsourcing partner. You can use many latest technologies like the smart contract, can use blockchain technology and many software to keep your data protected. 

Tips on how to conduct outsourcing with the best trends of offshore and nearshore

  • Set the quality standards: You can set the site structure and coding standards. You can keep the quality in check by documenting the criteria for your offshore and nearshore team. Also, you need to conduct regular audits and reviews for the work. 
  • Negotiate the rates and deadlines: You can set the deadlines to talk about the developers and mostly not to cut down the price already low, but to get a company to prove their capabilities. When all is agreed upon, set the strict deadlines for each stage and ensure they are understood on the other side. 
  • Communicate and track the progress: Ask the offshore and nearshore team for providing weekly reports. You can even conduct two-way communication and meetings which might leave you with much more knowledge about your project outputs. 
  • Use productivity tools: You can use office administrative tasks like printing, document sharing with different productivity tools

Final words

High quality offshore and nearshore software development is only set to grow shortly as the industry evolves and diversifies. The increased demands for niche development skills combined with a growing focus on quality over cost. All these proved to be highly successful in 2020 and in the future. 

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