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Natural Way of Repelling Snakes in Your Garden

Natural Way of Repelling Snakes in Your Garden

Snakes can be a problem in your home or garden. They can bite and cause harm to us especially the venomous one. The risk is high if you have kids or pets such as cats and dogs who love playing in your yard. Even the nonvenomous can pose a danger if they bite us. 

This is the main reason why most of us were looking for a way to prevent them from entering our garden or home. People continue to search for a way to keep this animal away from them. 

Some may find that using a chemical repellent can prevent the snakes from entering the garden. However, the effect is only temporary and will deteriorate in time, so you need to apply it over and over again. This can be a real problem if you have a tight budget. Not only that, using a snake repellent can pose a health risk for us. They are made from chemicals which are bad for our health.

Using the natural way of preventing this animal from entering your home or yard is the best option. So planting the snake repellent plants around your house can create a sturdy barrier that will keep the snakes away.

This technique is a very good way to save your money, and also good for our environment. Plants will also beautify your garden and house so using this method is the most recommended one. Below, we will discuss which plants are the best for repelling snakes:


The first one in our list is the Lavender. Almost every people around the globe have already heard about this beautiful plant due to its popularity. The smell of this plant is very pleasant for us. They mostly use as a scent for soap, laundry powder detergent, air freshener and many more. This plant has also health benefits that can help to ease the headache, sores, toothache, and sprains. Some of us even use this to restore and promote the growth of hair. However, most of the pest such as flies, mosquito and even snakes find it irritating due to its strong scent. So, they usually avoid this plant. 


Another very popular gardening plant that will deter the snakes is the onions. This plant releases a smell that can disorient the snakes thus, they tend to stay away from this plant. Onions are also a very useful plant that can be both used in medicine and culinary. It can lower the blood cholesterol, lower the risk of heart attack, prevent cancer, promotes a good blood pressure, and many more benefits. So, having this plant around your house can give you an all-around plant that you can harvest and eat or use as a repellent for snakes.


Now that you know the list of plants that will help you deter the pesky snakes away; we hope that you consider planting them around your house. Not only you can prevent them, but this is also good for the environment since this method is an eco-friendly way of repelling snakes. If you have questions about this, leave your comment below.

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