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Tourist Places of Myanmar Must Visit

Tourist Places of Myanmar Must Visit

Myanmar is a country located in Southeast Asia. It has around a hundred ethnic groups. It is surrounded by Thailand, China, Laos, Bangladesh, and India. Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar. Myanmar was called Burma. The official language is spoken over there is Burmese and its capital is Naypyitaw. It has emerged as a popular tourist destination with more than 30 places to visit. Myanmar tour packages will include as many places as you want. Some of them are discussed here.

Kakku Pagodas

It is believed that around 2000 years ago if you had come over here; you would have felt as though you have come to a different world altogether. It is the best place to represent their history. There are some stupas.

Buddha Temple

There is a Buddha temple commonly known as Mahamuni Buddha temple. It is one of the best sites for tourists looking for pilgrimage sites. There is an idol of Lord Buddha. It is 13 feet tall. The idol is covered with Golden Leaves. There is also a museum called a Mahamuni museum that provides information about the life of GautamBuddha to the visitors. It is one of the best places to represent the culture of the country.

Sule Pagoda

It is located in the Downtown of the capital of the country. It is an ideal destination for performing meditation and gaining peace of mind. It is located in the centre of the city and it was established almost two thousand years ago. It is another pilgrimage site for the followers of Buddhism.


It is a town in Myanmar and is a perfect representation of the rich Heritage and Culture of the country. The dynasty that existed in the town has created amazing places to visit. There is a Royal Palace. There are temples and other beautiful destinations.

Mrauk U

It is a very popular place and if you want to visit Bagan, you can visit this place because it is considered one of the best alternatives to going to Bagan. There are Majestic Hills around. There are stupas and temples at this place.

Shan State

This place is considered the best if you want to go for a casual walk. There are beautiful tourist attractions sites. There are small villages located around the state and they are picturesque. The sceneries over here are in maculate and you can enjoy various and delicious cuisines. You will also find Keng Twang Falls that are often not noticed by many tourists.


It is located when you can try to reach Majestic Shan Hills. It is one of the places that are full of tourists all year round. It is known for Lord Buddha and it provides a wonderful glimpse of the stories of Buddha in the country. There are different images and statues made up of brass and gold that keeps glimmering all the time. Myanmar travel packages will surely tell u a lot many things about Lord Buddha and the culture inculcated by him.

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