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What Makes Flutter Ideal for MVP Development Process?

What Makes Flutter Ideal for MVP Development Process?

Globally, enterprises find it extremely difficult to make their mobile apps successful. Startups and SMEs tend to jump on the mobile app bandwagon to gain popularity through an innovative concept and a unique product. 

Though evolving technology has contributed to reducing the mobile app development cost significantly, a customized mobile app is still a distant dream for many small companies. The MVP development can be considered as their excellent solution. 

MVP or Minimum Viable Product development is designed to enable companies to bring a viable product with basic features. You can develop an MVP before launching an app to check the viability of your app. You can get valuable feedback from early users and make necessary modifications before releasing the final app. 

Necessity of MVP Development and Its Benefits


As mentioned above, MVP is a product with minimum features, and it is developed to test the concept while reducing errors. MVP can act as a bridge between the company’s offerings and the user’s expectations. MVP development can save a lot of time and effort and the enterprise can get a better insight into the concept.

Let’s have a glimpse of the major benefits of a minimum viable product.

  • Reduction in development cost
  • Target the right audience
  • Evaluation of app idea
  • Having user feedback
  • Reduction in development time and effort
  • Scope for improvisation of a final product
  • Address potential investors

The MVP is necessary for startups with budgetary constraints and enterprises that want to experiment with their unique ideas and get feedback before bringing an actual product. You can reach out to the target audience with ease and spend more money on modifying the end product. Some of the top companies like Airbnb, Instagram, and Dropbox have developed MVP initially, and then they have brought highly successful products. 

MVP can also reduce TTM (Time to Market) to give enterprises a competitive edge.  

After discussing the necessity of MVP development, let’s move to the other important aspect- Flutter app development. The Flutter framework has gained fame as a robust platform for developing high-quality enterprise apps that can run seamlessly across iOS and Android both platforms. Since release, it has become a favorite platform among app developers worldwide. Let’s discuss the role of Flutter app development in building MVP for your company. 

Flutter- Brief Introduction

Flutter is an open-source UI development kit, which is developed and maintained by Google. It was officially launched in December 2018, and soon become a preferred choice for many app developers worldwide. Today, Flutter app development is considered as one of the best choices for building robust hybrid mobile apps.

Benefits of Flutter for MVP Development

  • Cost-effectiveness- c. When it comes to mobility space, it is difficult to achieve this objective while developing native apps. Flutter app development can provide a solution by developing hybrid apps that can seamlessly run across iOS and Android platforms. Flutter also offers an opportunity to make useful integrations. Flutter app developers can export the design directly into pixel-perfect codes. In a way, Flutter can reduce the development time considerably thereby saving a lot of bucks.
  • Expressive and engaging UI- Flutter is backed by Google and known for developing expressive UIs. If you want to bring an enterprise-grade app with excellent UX, then Flutter can help you out. Flutter has built-in widgets for the material design and default animations along with other features to build user-friendly apps.
  • Native performance- One of the greatest benefits of using Flutter for app development is it can build native-like apps. Entrepreneurs with a large budget in hand can opt for hiring Android app developers and iPhone app developers separately. But, startups or companies with budgetary limitations need to opt for hybrid apps. 

Here is the catch. Though we have many cross-platform app development platforms are available these days, most frameworks face difficulties in handling the app’s performance across Android and iOS platforms. It results in a bit of poor user experience. Hybrid apps built using Flutter can give a high-quality, nativelike performance. Simply put, the Flutter-based MVP of your app can provide native experience to your customers.

  • Firebase integration- A simple MVP does not require a separate backend. Flutter facilitates developers to integrate the MVP with Firebase. Firebase provides ample support for many services including cloud functions, hosting, authentication, and cloud storage. In a way, developers need not spend a lot of time on developing backend while using Flutter for MVP development.
  • Modern framework with rapid development- Flutter is an advanced framework, which is inspired by React, a JavaScript library. Flutter enables developers to use either the entire framework or its parts to meet the client’s requirements in the best possible way. What’s more, Flutter MVP and app development processes have quick turnaround time. It is because Flutter has an inbuilt hot reload functionality. This functionality allows the developers to review the changes in the app in real-time. It increases the speed of an entire mobile app development process. 
  • App campaigns- Be it a launch of MVP or an enterprise app, entrepreneurs always want to promote it before and after release. Flutter has built-in support for app campaigns. It enables entrepreneurs or business owners to promote their apps or MVPs on different platforms online including Google Play and Google Search. As Flutter is developed and managed by Google, the Flutter-based apps can have a chance to grow through the Google Display Network. Marketing of your MVP at the initial level can help you get helpful feedback from early users and you can come up with a better product. 
  • Community support- Flutter has a super-active community. Developers can easily leverage the benefits of great community support. The Flutter community participates regularly in Meetups and seminars. Flutter app developers can get assistance through GitHub, Stack Overflow, YouTube, and other different platforms. Any MVP-related issues or questions can be quickly resolved by the Flutter developer community.  

Out of many benefits of using Flutter for developing an MVP, we have just included seven here. 

Closing Remarks

Flutter is a highly useful SDK to develop high-performance enterprise apps. Flutter app development aims at developing customized mobile apps in a short time without compromising the quality. What’s more, Flutter app developers can customize the app effectively as per changing business demands and other challenges. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that Flutter is an ideal choice for MVP development. 

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