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Must-have Items for Traveling with Baby

Must-have Items for Traveling with Baby

Ahhhhh…. Long summer days, lots of fun, outing and vacation. Let’s not sugarcoat it: enjoying a vacation with kids is hard. From last few months, we are travelling a lot and packing and unpacking things. In truth, handling all those gadgets, keeping the right stuff on hand, and dealing with all the fatigue can be painful. So I decided to help all parents by compiling must-have items for travelling with your baby. 


It is a must-have while travelling with your baby, Right? I wanted it on the top of my list because it is hard to decide how many diapers you should keep with you. So, it is not bad to keep a full bag of diapers. If you use cloth diapers for your baby, you can wash them if needed. 


Baby Bath Products

I always make it sure to keep all necessary bath items for my baby while travelling. I use mild soaps for my baby, that is why I prefer to keep soap and baby shampoo to save the space. 

Baby Safety Products

My child’s safety always comes at NO1 for me. I always keep all the essentials for my baby’s safety whether they are Prambulators or baby carriers. I prefer to buy excellent carriers for country exploring and hiking in remote areas, so these baby safety products always perform a meaningful purpose for me. They are handy to use even in airports.

Favourite toys

My son likes to play with his favourite toy and can’t sleep without his teddy bear. So I always keep my son’s toys and teddy bear with me which gives him a valuable sense in unfamiliar surroundings.

Teething toys are also invaluable when flying both for entertainment and mouth ear comfort. 

A Portable Sterilizer

A portable sterilizer is a must-have thing if you are still in the sterilizing phase.I always use branded products for this purpose and find them excellent for travelling.

Muslin Cloths

Muslin cloths are must-have things which I always keep with me while travelling with my baby. They occupy almost no space and are much useful and a lifesaver when eating on the planes or train. So don’t forget to keep them in your travelling bag, you will need them extensively!

Wet Wipes

As my son is such a careless boy and always spill the water and food while travelling on the go on planes and trains. So I always keep wet wipes with me to clean the seats and his face as well. A packet of wet wipes is such a priceless thing to keep with you in order to stay clean and tidy on the go. 

A Sleeping Bag

My baby always creates problem while sleeping on the planes or trains, as he needs a calm and warm environment for sleeping. So I always keep a sleeping bag with me so my son can sleep warm in bed. These sleeping bags are always handy in planes and you can wrap your baby in it without bothering that your baby will fall or catch in the confined space of a cabin. 

A Portable Mosquito Net

Whenever I travel for a destination that is open and grassy, I need to have a mosquito net with me. So this is a must-have item for travelling with my baby as it is such a handy product for many occasions. They are perfect for mosquitoes of course but also if the baby is napping outdoors and you want to protect them from noisy flies and other insects that may be bothering them while snoozing. 

Breastfeeding Pillow

Feeding baby on the go on planes or trains means more baby travel gear! When I was breastfeeding,  I brought a maternity pillow with me because I really feel it necessary to make things more comfortable. It just made THINGS easier for me. 

Travel bottle warmer 

If you’re bottle-feeding your child, and your child is a bit fussy about the temperature of his bottle, then this travel bottle warmer is a must-have thing to keep with you while travelling. This bottle warmer is such an inexpensive and handy product that I always like the most. Just fill the bottle with warm water in the morning and have warm water access all day long. You can heat a bottle anywhere. 

Infant Sunglasses

Hmm… Well… I can sense some of you mocking me from here, but new mothers do stick with me!  A lot of babies, do hate sunglasses and will pull them off at once, but my baby didn’t and he was a godsend on our trip to the USA.  

Definitely worth it if you can make them work for your child, but there’s no magic way to know if they’ll like it without trial and error, so don’t forget to try.

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