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Here’s How to Plan Safe Moving with your Toddler

Here’s How to Plan Safe Moving with your Toddler

Babies are never calm especially when you want them to be. They can make your moving a mess if you don’t plan some safety tips before. From packing all their stuff to studying the new homes, there are some safety measures that you should always take to ensure safe and smooth sifting. 

Let’s know the practices to stay safe while planning the move.

Hire a Caretaker

Shifting and organizing stuff needs a lot of concentration and effort. At one time you can only manage the things or take care of the toddler. If between the shifting your toddler asks you to play with you or give the food, then it will become a trouble to leave the things in the midst.

Do yourself or your baby a favor by adding a caretaker for the moving days. If you’ve got good friends in your list, you can seek their help but if not then please opt for a professional. Doing this practice will save your baby from the chaos and will protect your sanity.

Get the Food Ready

When you’re planning the move know that your baby can be hungry anytime. He won’t see that you’re busy but instead cry to get the food which will disturb your work. Therefore, when you’ve finally got the Toronto lofts for sale and you start wrapping, it’s significant that you get your baby food ready first.

Prepare two, three baby food and store it in the refrigerator and whenever he asks, use the ready meals to keep him serene. 

Don’t Pack his Belongings First

If you’ve boxed your baby toys, accessories or clothes first, then you have waived the mess yourself. While it feels good to wind up your baby’s belonging first and get free before the time. But out of nowhere, your baby can need anything and you may need to unpack all the stuff.

To avoid the eleventh-hour trouble, always pack your baby stuff at the end. Categorize the accessories in the boxes and name them separately. It will help you to organize the stuff and unbox according to the requirement.

Baby Proof your New Home

This tip doesn’t apply when you’re shifting your things but instead works when you opt for the cleaning visit to your new home. So, while taking a look at your new home start with the windows. Toddlers have the capability to grab onto window chords which can lead to devastating results. 

So, the top thing in the list you need to do is addressing your window treatment by replacing the cords with cordless shades or blinds. Also, avoid keeping your furniture next to the windows because it can give babies the leap to jump.

Take a round of the whole home and see it from the baby’s view. If you find out things that can be harmful to your babies, immediately report them.

Cover the Electrical Outlets

Babies have habits of getting into everything – be it mud, under sofas or the sockets. When you eliminate the window chord, it’s important that you also cover all the electrical outlets in your new home. 

It will make the travel easy for the kids and they’ll feel safe to hop around. And more than them, you’ll earn your peace of mind that your kids stay away from the danger zone. 

Don’t Stress Out 

It’s not good to panic while moving. Because panic can lead to more trouble and more trouble mans your kids can lose their state of mind. Never make the mistake of handling everything yourself but instead take professional help to make it smooth.

If you can afford, hiring professional movers can reduce half of your workload and gives you the time to take care of your toddler.


Never rush moving. Plan it wisely, box your things separately, tag them, and load it in the truck safely. Remember a good moving is the one which ensures that the items are carefully moved and haven’t broken out. Also, a proper wrapping will help you to unbox the stuff in your new home appropriately. 

Follow the above tips to ensure a safe moving with your kids. I wish you all the best! 

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