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A Model Trains Display that you should not miss

A Model Trains Display that you should not miss

In case you like many other kids who grew up loving trains, then, it might be exciting for you to see so many miniature model trains at one place. Even being a parent you might be always in search of places where you can take your kids for a good time out. However, there is a problem that usually parents have to face that not every place Kids love going. There is a fact that kids love model trains obsessively. So why you decide to take your kids at a relatively new place that is Northlandz, model trains wonderland. 

If you live around Flemington, New Jersey or even visiting this place for some other purposes, a visit to Northlandz can be a great fun for the whole family. Originally designed and constructed by Mr. Bruce Zaccagnino, it is one of the world`s largest ho scale model trains display.

What is Northlandz?

Northlandz is one of its kinds largest miniature model trains display in New Jersey, USA. Started by the train’s lover in his basement some 35 years, and eventually moved to its new building where it continues to evolve over the years. It was first opened for the public in 1997 and has been visited by masses since then. 

Here are other features of the amazing place. 

 It`s a massive display of Model Trains. 

Located on a 16-acre purpose-built building in Flemington, NJ, it is a massive display of model trains sets you may have heard about iconic 7 wonders of the world, but not every wonder is the same, Northlandz is the different type of wonder as it is completely a miniature wonder world. A miniature but biggest in terms of length and covered area, there are massive displays the spread over 1-mile area. Don’t believe in us but follow what Guinness book of the world record is saying about it. As Guinness book of the world record has listed it as the largest of its kind miniature wonderland. 

It`s Bigger than you can imagine. 

You may not believe that it take a while for you to fully visit this place, Even people who spend, 2-3 hours missed many things out of it. So it is not possible to see and grasps everything in one go. The models include buildings that show the urban and rural areas of the United States and other countries. You will be amazed to know that this ho scale model trains display covers around 52000 sq. feet, 8 miles long railroad track with 100+ trains running over it. There are 1000+ miniature buildings, 400+ bridges, and 250,000 trees covering the whole landscape. The displays include famous buildings and areas like the Swiss Alps, New York Skylines and many more. 

Fully Hand Made H O Scale Trains Models with Different Scenarios. 

Many amazing things are unbelievable about this place; the one thing is knowing the fact that all the models here at Northlandz are purely hand made. It’s hard to believe the making for such big massive H O scale train models being made by hand. Another thing is that it is big massive and perfectly made without any errors or defects in it. It completely looks the same as the real one. As you walk along with the models, you see many different vistas that show almost any type of situation including train wrecks to airplane crashes, junkyards to baseball fields, bridges, rivers, ghost towns, mining, transportation operations and much more.   

It`s Everyone`s Favorite.

Nearly 100 thousand people have visited this wonderful attraction so far and it is everyone`s favorite. Kids, young and old alike everyone love it and even visit multiple times. So it is one of the attractions where you would like to visit again and again. With recent renovations and addition, the place has become even better.

Kids Play Area, Art Gallery, Dolls House, and Outdoor Train Ride.

Northlandz is not just a model trains museum but it also includes large kids play areas where kids can ride on a pony cycle and enjoy different games. In addition to that Art Gallery is having many portraits and painting from world-renowned artists. A large Dolls House where you will see 100s of small dolls wearing different costumes. As well as over the weekends you can also enjoy a wonderful train ride that passes through different sceneries including a bridge and a tunnel. 

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