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Top 4: Best Mobile Rhythm Games to Download on Your Smartphones

Top 4: Best Mobile Rhythm Games to Download on Your Smartphones

Gamers have evolved from playing PC games, from console games, and now in playing various games on their smartphones. But most mobile players usually prefer playing games that require lesser attention and just let the game run itself, and this is the reason why AFK games rose to popularity.

This list will mainly focus on music rhythm games that are downloadable on our smart devices. What are music rhythm games, you ask? These are games that are similar to Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero. We are sure you have played that kind of game before, right?

These kinds of games aren’t that popular on gaming consoles anymore but have shifted their popularity to mobile phones. So, we have listed four of the best mobile rhythm games in the market. 

Cytus II

This game is a continuation of the smash-hit music rhythm game on our mobile devices. The developers of this game are famous for developing various rhythm games for mobile that have fantastic content and game mechanics. So, if you are looking for amazing mobile games that have an amazing backstory, this game is what you should download.

This game lets you play a story mode that would give you more backstory that would lure in players to play the game. The story is set in the future where a DJ named Aesir produces music that would bewitch the people, and humans have remodeled the development of the internet, and have synced the ritual gaming world of Cytus and the real world.

You are also free to ignore the story mode and just jump straight to playing the game. Although, if you want to unlock more songs, you would eventually play the story mode, which unlocks more songs when you level up for you to play.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Who does not love anime? Adding to that, anime stuff is the elements of music rhythm, isn’t it just the best combination of things? The developers of this game called the Bushiroad created a hit game called the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party which mainly focuses on adorable anime girls who perform in a band.

This game permits players to pick between playing the backstory or the Live mode. Playing the live mode will allow you to play any song that has already been unlocked without any restrictions. On the other hand, the story mode lets you progress through the backstory of the game that eventually lets you unlock more songs and content upon completion of levels.

Arcaea – New Dimension Rhythm

This game is a fun one, and it lets you tap-hold and slide to the rhythm of the music. It is extremely difficult to play because when you progress through the game, the difficulty increases throughout. It lets you play over 90 songs, and 50 artists from all around the world, and each one of the songs has three main levels of difficulty.

This game gives the players an entirely new encounter with varying genres, and players can anticipate new songs with each update that the game gets. You can also play with your friends and challenge them to see who is better in this game and set your score online on the leaderboards.


If you were always playing arcade when you were a kid, and you were a fan of the Dance Dance revolution, BeatX is like nostalgia to you, although it was mainly a fan-made game. You can enjoy yourself with over 100 songs from which you can choose from, and you can even play the songs from when you are playing Dance Dance Revolution.

It lets you play solo, compete with a friend, and double cooperative mode. One amazing feature that this game has is that you are able to utilize a console controller or even a dance pad that you can connect using Bluetooth. This really brings back memories from many years ago, huh?


Well, that is all for now! We hope that you will try these games out and see for yourself how enjoyable and entertaining these games are. There are a lot of other rhythm music games that you can download with your smartphones, and make sure to try them all out. 

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