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Mobile Marketing Statics that will Blow Your Mind Away

Mobile Marketing Statics that will Blow Your Mind Away

Mobile marketing statics involve the knowledge of mobile usage by the consumers. Almost at the beginning of the year, it is a good time to look at the mobile marketing statics 2018 and trends that are emerging from the past two years. 

You need to refresh your information regarding the mobile phone industry because a lot is changing. Recognize what is mobile activity, how the use of mobile has changed, and how you can make it a business to earn a profit. This particular article will help you in a best possible way of making better decisions regarding your mobile marketing strategy 2018. 

Questions Mobile Phone Marketers Need to Answer

Mobile marketers should answer a few questions before making a mobile marketing strategy. Here are a few questions that a best mobile marketing strategy needs to answer:

Question 1: How much time do users spend using mobile media?

Question 2: What is the approximate percentage of customers using mobile devices?

Question 3: What are the number of website visits paid by mobile devices in comparison to desktop devices?

Question 4: What are the cell phone conversion rates vs desktop and share visiting Ecommerce sites?

Question 5: What is the percentage usage of mobile application vs mobile usage for visiting web sites?

Question 6: What is the importance of mobile ads?

Question 7: What is the percentage of Google Searches by the mobile users?

Mobile Marketing Statistics 2018 

Smartphones and tablets are all over the market place. You need to get all the possible information about these devices. Otherwise, you are missing one of your chances to grow or flourish your business. Here are mobile marketing statistics that mobile marketing professionals and mobile business owners must consider:

The rate of mobile growth and use

The budget of people spending on mobile phones will exceed $40 million and it may exceed than $65 billion in 2020. Mobile phone usage among adults may rise to more than 3 hours in 2019. People also bring the phone to their bathroom. Approximately 40% of online shoppers visit sites thrice on their mobile phones before any purchase. Mobile commerce has reached 15% and it will likely rise in the coming years. Mobile users will use about 80% of the world’s internet. 

Mobile advertising statics

Mobile phones got the 61% of all advertisement budget in 2016. Roughly, 33% of the consumers directly visit their desired sites and they skip search engines. Mobile advertisements are supposed to rise to 72% in 2019. Almost 73% business searches are for beverages and food. About 68% health related searches are via = mobile devices. Almost 33% mobile users dislike mobile ads. Facebook earns 87% of its revenue from mobile ads. 

Mobile usage for Emails, social media and much more

Approximately 80% of the mobile phone users spend their time on social media. Pinterest is the most mobile friendly site mobile and 64% of the Pinterest users opt for mobile phones to use Pinterest. Percentage of people using mobile phones for reading Emails is higher that the percentage of people using mobile phones for making calls. Email users are 79% on mobile phones. This year percentage of Email readers will definitely increase on mobile phones. 

Mobile applications

Mobile apps were supposed to generate $77 billion in 2017. About 46% of the shoppers prefer mobile phone apps for shopping. 197 billion mobile users downloaded mobile apps. More visitors go to mobile web sites that have native apps. 25 billion iOS apps were downloaded in the year 2016. In 2016, mobile users downloaded 90 billion Android apps. 

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a part of complete marketing strategy of 67% companies. Almost 71% of the marketers are of the view that mobile marketing is very important part of their business. People do thorough searches on mobile before offline shopping. 

Conclusively, mobile marketing statics above help to allows you to make informed and rational decisions regarding your small business’ mobile presence and strategies. The blurred line between mobile apps and mobile web needs to be covered in the mobile marketing statistics 2018. You need to keep a close eye on emerging trends regarding mobile marketing. 

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