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How mobile apps are reshaping eCommerce Industry?

How mobile apps are reshaping eCommerce Industry?

Technology has a profound impact on the way we interact with each other and the way we do the trade.

One such example of technology changing our behavior is the use of mobile apps to improve our business dealings.

It is now a well-researched fact that people using a smartphone to access the Internet far outnumbers those who use laptops/desktops.

Therefore, if you are in business, then it is in your vital interest that you invest in eCommerce app development.

While many companies try to keep the cost down by making their website mobile compatible, if you truly want to make an impact, then a mobile app is the way. You must have full guidance of how to develop eCommerce app.

The advantages of using the mobile app can be gauged from the fact that in the year 2008 when the app market started, there were hardly 800 apps for people to download.

However, if we look at the app market now, we will see that there are more than 22 million apps available for download.

The amazing fact about mobile app is that it not only serves multinational’s and tech companies but also small businesses to reach out to their targeted audience and improve their profit margin substantially.

In this article, we have tried to give you a broad picture of the various advantages your business will get if you invest in retail application development and how it will reshape the economic scene in the near future. 

Advantages of using mobile apps for your business

1). Mobile apps focus on a particular service:

One important aspect of mobile apps is that it is designed for one or two services only. If we compare it with a website that deals with multiple services, then we can understand why mobile apps work better in providing the consumers with relevant information quickly.

As dedicated mobile apps are focused on a very small number of services, the app users do not have to look through a whole list of other information to find out the one, which he/she is interested in.

2). Apps can utilize the mobile features:

The reason companies spend a huge amount of money for mobile app development is because it allows them to give a refined service that no website can match.

The reason mobile apps can give highly customized service is that they can leverage the existing mobile features like GPS, camera, Bluetooth, and so on.

The app user can use the onboard GPS to look at all the services or products available around.

The app user can also use the onboard camera to access various eCommerce solutions like online payment, accessing QR codes and so on.

3). Apps can also be used off-line:

One of the most important aspects of mobile apps that make it different from a website is that many of them can be used off-line too.

In countries, where the Internet is not always available at the desired speed, people find it useful if the mobile they are using has some off-line features too.

Therefore, when you plan for a dedicated ecommerce mobile app development program for your company, try to ensure that it has some off-line features too, which your app users will find both interesting as well as informative.

4). Mobile apps load faster compared to a website:

Mobile apps are highly preferred for e-commerce solutions because they are easy to operate and load faster.

If you want to open a website, then you need to first open a browser. After that, you have to type the URL of the website and then wait for the site to open.

On the other hand, you can simply touch an app icon to open an eCommerce app.

5). It is easy to navigate through the mobile app:

Some websites are designed in a way that makes them incompatible with mobile viewing.

For such websites, instead of redesigning the entire website, it would be far better to invest in mobile app development and build a dedicated mobile app for the website to give a highly customized service.

How mobile apps can change the future of e-commerce

1). It will revolutionize the small businesses:

 As more businesses understand the advantages of having their own dedicated mobile app, they will structure the business accordingly. 

Experts predict that in the next 4 to 5 years. Small businesses will increasingly rely on the Internet and mobile apps to not only reach out to their potential customers but also sell their products in a more efficient manner. 

As small businesses invest in e-commerce solutions, they will be able to connect with a larger customer base, which is not possible through the traditional method.

2). Location-based services will become common:

One great advantage of using an e-commerce app is that it allows the businesses to exploit the onboard GPS system of the smartphone.

It will help the businesses a great deal in providing location-based services to their targeted customers.

If a business has a lot of franchisees spread across the city, then it can through push notifications inform the client who is in the vicinity of any of these stores.

These notifications will inform them about any new deals that are available in any of the stores nearby.

This will not only improve the conversion rate dramatically but will also help the clients to know about any new products/services or discounts, which is available in a store near them.

3). Augmented reality will help the business:

Augmented reality an artificial intelligence will play a very definitive role in how we do business in the future.

One such example of augmented reality in real time environment is the use of utility and energy services to the mobile app.

This allows businesses to improve their efficiency and increase their effectiveness greatly.

In the future (many companies are doing it bits and pieces in their e-commerce sites already), businesses will offer the app users a virtual tour of their e-commerce sites.

This will allow the customers to look at all the products from the comfort of their homes and order it online without physically visiting the business premises.

This will encourage more people to buy things from places that are not in their neighbourhood. Which in turn will improve the business cycle tremendously?

4). You will see more use of artificial intelligence in business solutions:

Artificial intelligence will be widely used in most business decisions as well as in improving productivity.

Even in the retail sites, you will find that artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots is increasingly providing information to people who are looking for some specific product or services.

More companies are investing in futuristic retail application development that will provide a highly realistic looking VR environment to improve the shopping experience of people using mobile apps.

5). Internet of things (IoT):

Experts believe that in the future e-commerce solutions, which include mobile apps, will help the business in a big way.

Internet of things will help individuals connect to various devices in the home wirelessly through their mobile app.

This means in the future when you want to buy something or look for something, you only have to give a voice command, and you will find that product displayed on your computer screen or smart phone display.

This will also include AI in a big way, as they will take independent decisions like paying for your bills, rent, and other things on time without any supervision.

6). Provide better services to the customer:

Mobile apps in e-commerce will be a game changer in providing high-quality services to the customers.

Many companies, especially those in fashion, retail, automobile, and others will increasingly use mobile apps integrated with AR and AI give customized service to their clients.

For example, take customer can look at how various outfits will look on him/her without going through actual tryouts.

Similarly, if you want to buy a car, then you can through your app look at the same model in different colours and furnishings to make the final choice.

These are some of the changes that mobile app will make in the business scenario and will make businesses, both small and big more effective, efficient, transparent and productive.

If you have a business (small or big), you should invest in eCommerce app development now to ensure that your business is future ready and will be able to compete in the market more confidence.

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