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Top 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid while Mobile App Development

Top 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid while Mobile App Development

After the invention of smartphones and mobile applications, it is easy to do complex tasks also. This is the reason for the popularity of mobile apps among companies and entrepreneurs across the globe. There is tough competition between android and ios. So a lot of mobile apps are releasing into the market for satisfying various needs of normal people and companies

In fact, both the play store have more than 1 million apps individually. So every company are trying to develop mobile apps for their own business or for earning purpose.

Everyone has to think about why only a few apps are successful in the market when compare to the same kind of applications. It means, the apps which are successful have attractive features and the app functionality is nice and remaining apps are lacking in the various area by doing common mistakes. This is the main reason that your app is differentiated when compared to successful ones.

At present mobile application is the main asset and a powerful tool for various companies across the globe. Because it helps to enhance the sales of a business, creating a brand to the products and simplifies the internal process of the company. Even though it is an efficient tool there is a chance to do mistakes while doing mobile apps

Every one attracts towards a successful mobile app in the market and no one is ready to use failed apps. So many app developers and companies have faced this kind of situation in their life. So many companies spent a lot of money and time on developing mobile application and after developing they released into the market and expecting a positive response from users. But the situation is totally reverse to their expectations, only a few are successful in the market. It is difficult to succeed in a competitive environment

If you are also one of the developer or company who experiences a bad result and doesn’t know the reason, why your app failed in the market. It is because of the common mistakes that you have done at the time mobile app development.

Developing a mobile application is not an easy task and it requires a lot of experience in the field of mobile app development. They only know about the mistakes that will happen in the process of app development. As an experienced app development company, we are listing the common mistakes that should avoid in mobile app development

Meeting User Expectations

Getting new visitors to an app each day is not as simple as we think. It is really tough to engage the number of users to an application. Because no one will have the same mindset. Every user expects something from an application and it should not be a similar one. Developer or a company has to pay more attention when a user initially interacts with your app because the ‘first impression is the best impression”. When he/she impressed with your app, they refer it to others

Many users attract easy navigation and a detail description of the application. It is really tough to display your app according to the preferences of users. This is the main cause for losing the user with a dull home page screen

A user won’t prefer the applications with a difficult registration process without knowing anything about that particular app. So mobile app developer or companies have to design an easy registration form. Try to integrate Social media login form for your application. It is simple to signup/register with their social media profiles

Poor User-Interface

The biggest mistake to avoid in the app development process is Poor UI/UX. Most of the developers are not paying more attention to App designs. It is like a face to your application and it should be attractive to attract the users to your app

There are several mobile applications available in the app store which are similar to your one and users have plenty of opportunities. So your app must attract users and it is possible only through attractive designs

It is very important in App development process. So here are some points that have to consider while designing an app

1. Never begin designing without an App flowchart

2. Avoid low resolution and concentrate on High resolutions

Too Many Features

Adding the number of features will never create more popularity and attraction towards your app. It is the biggest mistake done by most of the developers

Although, if we go by the user feedbacks, adding too many features in an app makes it complicated and large in size without adding significant value to the overall user experience.

 Having fewer and targeted features makes a mobile app purposeful and simple to use. If you add too many features to your app, it is causing that app slower and enhances the loading time. So no need to spend extra time and money on developing extra features. The best thing to have the essential and needed feature and other supporting features that make the purpose of the app complete.

Application on Multiple Platforms

With so many app platforms and marketplaces out there such as Apple’s App Store and Google Play, things can get overwhelming quickly when you’re trying to account for all of the varying requirements.

There are so many app development platforms and have a chance to promote apps through Apple’s App Store and Google play store. It is not a good idea to develop your app on various platforms without knowing the end result. Initially develop your app on a single platform either IoS or Android. Do proper research and take the decision which one is better for your app.Once your app is successful in the market then go develop your app on remaining platforms

App Testing

App with better performance and functionality always engage more users. It should work properly without any errors, then only it will retain the number of users. If the user found any errors in the application, it will create a bad impression on that app. So it should be error-free and must have a flawless performance

Releasing app into the market without proper testing is the main mistake in app development. It should test on various devices and situations. It must work properly on all devices without creating any problem. So ask your mobile app development company about which type of testing methods they are using for testing the application. It should be tested by efficient testers, then only a fine and well-functioned app will release into the market

Selection of Mobile App Development Company/Freelancer

Not all mobile app development companies are providing app development services on various platforms. So before selecting an app development company. Companies have to check the experience, portfolio and capabilities of that company, then take choose the best app development company or freelancer that perfectly suit for your app idea.


There are so many opportunities and benefits from mobile applications to a user and business owner, you can get more profit and obtain access to your own market if you avoid the above-discussed mistakes. If you are facing any kind of problems with mobile app development. Simply hire the best app developer with experience and portfolio etc.

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Sai saanvi is a digital marketer and technical writer of best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. She has written on various topics including digital marketing and mobile app development related topics. She always wants to gain and share her knowledge with the people who want to learn new things in digital marketing and mobile app technologies

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