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Mistakes to Avoid as Freelancers

Mistakes to Avoid as Freelancers

Freelancing is a very fascinating business with no boss to ovey to or prep up in the morning to walk into the office for a stretch of 9 long hours. There are no login boundaries, no formal dress code systems or files overloading your office desk space.

But freelancing is neither as simple as bread and butter nor it is a cakewalk. You need to fuel yourself and also keep in mind the following mistakes that freelancers in freelance jobs are prone to.

  • Being rigid about your limited work schedule: Yes, it is true that you no more have to get schooled by bosses for not meeting the deadlines or for skipping a couple of working hours. Yet you need to be very flexible with work hours. Yes, it is certainly not a 9-5 job, yet limiting your work hours can land you in trouble. In freelance jobs, you need to give extra time to research work. You are not alone in the competitive market. There are many who are better than you. Thus, you constantly need to work to bring uniqueness in the project and keep on researching about the same to survive in the freelance industry.
  • Accepting every offer: Yes, as a freelancer, your entire income depends upon what clients offer you. But this does not mean you will accept every project. This is the mistake that most of the freelancers make. They accept every random project and land themselves in trouble. It is advised to work in your niche. If you think you do not possess the skills for a certain project, do not accept the offer. You can refuse it politely. Moreover, taking several projects at a time can mess up all your professional as well as personal life. Thus, make a schedule, work on every project one by one. Think if you possess the skills for the same, then accept the offer.
  • Settling for low income: It is okay to work for lesser pay when you are just a beginner. But an experienced freelancer should not make the mistake of working for low income constantly. Most importantly you need to earn a living and that cannot happen when you are working for low wages. You do not need to say ‘yes’ to every client who offers you less payment. Start refusing and set your payment. Ask for a hike if it is a heavy project and consumes your much time and efforts. Do not shy away from asking more. You have put in your efforts and you deserve it.
  • No more a social media freak: World is really fast today hence, you need to stay connected to people. Social media is the platform where you can connect with new clients, showcase your skills and best projects and even learn something from new clients. If you stop using social media or cut off from the world, you will be left with just limited clients or connections. To keep on being available for new opportunities be available on the digital platform.
  • Mixing up professional and personal life: Working as a freelancer at home is not an easy job. Your family members often take you to be free and there goes list of tasks to be done for home and then you have so many projects to complete. Thus, make a timetable, prioritize your work and household chores accordingly. Keep your evenings as break time so that you can spend some time with family too. Your kids will not feel ignored any more. While telling them about your work schedule so that the household chores do not hamper your work.

These were a few mistakes that every freelancer must avoid to make freelancing work running smooth and safe. What are your thoughts?

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