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Microsoft Windows 10 Bluetooth Management and Upcoming Features in 2020

Microsoft Windows 10 Bluetooth Management and Upcoming Features in 2020

A new beta release of the first bi-annual update of Windows 10 for 2020 has just been released. Code name  :  20h1. This beta numbered 18985 improves the Technology management of Bluetooth peering. If a nearby device is Bluetooth enabled, an alert will appear in the notification center. Microsoft also improves the Snip & Sketch screenshot feature. It is now possible to zoom in on a captured capture. If you redo a capture, the previous one will be closed by default to avoid the accumulation of windows on the desktop. This new beta comes as the second annual update of Windows 10 for 2019, it is about to release in the final version.

Launched in July 2015, Windows 10 has passed the milestone of 825 million active devices according to Microsoft. A volume that includes Windows 10 tablet or PC terminals, but also Xbox One consoles – which now also run on the Microsoft operating system. According to  Net Applications, Windows 10 has for the first time the symbolic bearing of the 50% market share in August 2019. Its penetration rate climbs to 51%. Windows 7 continues its slow decline recording 30% market share over the same period, against 32% in July. Windows 10 and Office 365 updates are now synchronized. They intervene twice a year, around the months of March-April and September-October.

But already, Microsoft is focusing on the next update of Windows 10, expected for May 2020. Microsoft has just delivered a new beta ( 18985 ). Among the salient innovations introduced in the first prediction of this 20h1

Microsoft is working on an alternative to Windows 10 designed for lightweight terminals. For the unofficial hour, the information is confirmed from day today. Based on a rewritten Windows kernel (called Windows Core Operating System), this declination would be more modular than its big sister. According to, it aims to respond to the success of Chrome OS. Called Windows Lite, it would have a graphical interface that is both modern, minimalist and refreshing. Code name: Santorini.

what is the goal? to propose an alternative to the logic All In One  Windows. Within the windowing, new building,  file and parameter managers would still be present. Natively supporting a modern Windows applications (UWP and PWA), Windows Lite, which would not be launched before 2020 (according to Windows Central ), could still support Win32 software via a virtualization or containerization layer.

Still, according to Petri, Windows Lite could come and live in two new types of the device launched in parallel, whose respective code names would be Pegasus and Centaurs. Pegasus would refer to a new range of laptops or laptops. As for Centaur us, it would refer to a new Windows tablet equipped with two folding screens of 9 inches each, in 4/3 format. A demonstration of the terminal would have already been done internally by Microsoft to the attention of its employees. Centaurus would ship an Intel SOC with processors engraved in 10 nanometers. According to Forbes, these Windows devices that could be marketed in the first quarter of 2020 would be shaped to support Android applications. A small revolution at Microsoft. According to Mary Jo Foley, the publisher could take the opportunity to open its own Android application store.

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