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Microsoft Launches the All New HoloLens

Microsoft Launches the All New HoloLens

Microsoft is all set to declare a brand new hardware device MWC in Barcelona- one and only HoloLens headset. The conference starts at 6:00 PM CET (5:00 AM GMT, 12:00 PM ET, and 9:00 AM PT)

Microsoft revealed the latest version of its HoloLens ‘mixed reality’ at MWC. Some of the latest special attributes of HoloLens 2 are that it significantly has larger field of view, and a device which is more comfortable to wear along with its higher resolution. In fact, Microsoft says that it is three more times comfortable to wear. HoloLens 2 will be also available in United States, China, Australia, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and New Zealand latest by this year for $3500.

Key Points of HoloLens 2: By Microsoft

What actually everybody wants to know, though, is if the new improved device provides you the features with improved field or not. One but the most important knocks about THE original HoloLens is that it just provide sits limited field of view. Whenever you wanted to look at if small, just straight ahead from you, the effect was striking but when you moved your head slightly or looked at any big object, it immediately felt like you were staring through a stamp-sized screen. But HoloLens 2 provides you with a feature by which you can field of view that’s twice as large as the original.

Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens chief Alex Kipman said in today’s keynote that Kinect was the first intelligent device to enter our house. He is also said that looking at the history it made his entire team to flock HoloLens. He also said that over the last few years, developers, individuals, big enterprises as well as the small ones, new startup have been thinking to develop new beautiful things, helpful things. Kipman also said that Microsoft HoloLens 2 reshapes you as it evolves the communication model by significantly advancing how people can get engaged with the holograms.


HoloLens was always about just like software as the hardware though. Microsoft developed a new version of windows together with a new way of interplay with the Augmented Reality objects through gestures like bloom and air tap. In this type of latest version, the interaction is quite far natural and helps you to tap objects. The device also tracks you gawk easily and more accurately to allow the software to adjust wherever you look.

To support the developers Microsoft is also planning to launch a number of amazing services for HoloLens today. These services include remote rendering and spatial anchors to help developer stream high-polygon content to HoloLens.

It’s worth considering that Microsoft never placed the device as consumer hardware. Microsoft’s focus was always on the business applications, with a bit of educational applications. That inclination resumed today as Microsoft showed off the capability to have multiple people collaborate around a centre of single hologram.

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