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How Can You Invest In Hollywood With Security Tokens

How Can You Invest In Hollywood With Security Tokens

Ryan Kavanaugh, producer of “Fast & Furious”, has raised 100 million dollars for security token that has opened up the investment path in media content.

It was difficult for anyone to become a producer with only having talent. Now, it is not like that. With lesser investment and having the field of interest, anyone can become a film producer. From film, music, IP-driven content to television, one can get fractioned possession. Do you want to know how? The investment, by the Central Wealth Investment Fund of Hong Kong and Step Ventures, in security token worth $ 100 million USD has made this feat possible. All investment is going into Proxicoin.

Proxima Media is the creator and owner of Proxicoin. Proxicoin is a security token based on the Ethereum platform. Investors willing to join the Hollywood industry, as producers, can participate in big institutions to make it more profitable and large.

The concept of blockchain technology provides a kick-start to start-ups or business models for the film industry; for example, film finances. Now, seekers can participate globally through the cryptocurrency exchange i.e. through the token form of investment. The early consultant advisor, of Proxicoin, Aman Johar cited positive signs to the investment. He said, “The decision for the offering, through the assistance of the management team, to Proxicoin will create global values for entertainment”.

Now, the token, structured and audited, has signed the deal with the “Fusang Exchange”. Fusang Exchange is the crypto exchange widely used in Asia, from the very beginning. Proxicoin is going to be listed, for trading security tokens, on this platform among many.

Now, Proxicoin holders will get a partial ownership in ESX (Entertainment Stock). The ESX platform, like stock exchanges, helps in the financial procurement of the entertainment-related projects.

“Now, it is a turning point for the film or entertainment world. Now, investors as well as individuals, small to gigantic, are showing biased interests towards Proxicoin. Films are assets to markets if correlated in a proper way. Top banks including CitiBank, JP Morgan, and others approach the entertainment industry as a great asset to society. Despite the depression period, MGM stocks went up”, a statement issued by Vincent Tse, CEO (Step Ventures).

The trading platform was formed in partnership with artificial intelligence marketing base, Hanzo. It has already funded and raised over $300 million USD through funding that created history. Zach Kelling, CEO and founder of Hanzo, is handle the development of the ESX exchange platform.

The management and advisory team comprises – Bonin Bough, Jaeson Ma, Aman Johar, Alex Zhang, and many co-partners. Eddie Ibanez is the advisor of the Technology and AI. All are prominent figures across different verticals.

“Step Ventures”, a renowned company, focuses on the investment in new and innovative technologies through the assistance of entrepreneurs. The venture company is located in Hong Kong. Thus, it is completely and solely responsible for the whole propagation. The paradigm is a boon to the technology as well as the media industry.

The Hong Kong Central Wealth Group is an established financial institution serving for China and Hong Kong. It is a public-based company. CWF is known to provide the best services considering the customer-oriented perspective and elite. The management organization, customer-oriented, helps in achieving the desired goal or target. CWF is the trading platform, focussing on Macau, China, and Hong Kong investors that provide safe and quality financial services.

The renowned personality Ryan Kavanaugh has done more than two-hundred films with the collection of 17 billion dollars worldwide. Now, he has become the founder of Proxy Media. The famous produced parts are Fast and Furious, Safe Haven, Immortals and much more.

The in-depth experiences of China, by Kavanaugh, is due to its deep involvement of Sky Land Entertainment with the Huaxia Film… The production handling and distribution to the U.S. and China have led to the historic partnership with the Huaxia film… The success was the result of the alliance between the Chinese government company and Hollywood production house. Apart from the media industry, there are many achievements of Kavanaugh in different areas and other allied domains.

He has also made his contribution by the establishment and integration of the joint management, media, entertainment, and sports organization, “Independent Sports & Entertainment”. This integrated platform has been widely recognized. The company directly represents three hundred athletes for NBA, MLB, and NFL. It ranks at the second position alone in the U.S. having $ 2.5 billion players in the group. Furthermore, he is the founder of the critical content that cast many successful shows on MTV and CBS with over forty series.

Till now, two hundred films have been produced by him and his own company… some were nominated for Oscar also. His produced, “The Social Network”, had received eight Oscar nominations. 

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