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Why meal delivery services may actually have a smaller carbon footprint than groceries ?

Why meal delivery services may actually have a smaller carbon footprint than groceries ?

Many consumers wonder about the carbon footprint of prepared meals compared to ones prepared at home. In fact, even though the typical family meal delivery service is able to cut carbon emissions and produce environmentally sound products, there are still a few myths out there about this new kind of convenient eating.

It’s important for people to understand that when they order from a service like California Chef, the best meal delivery service in Los Angeles, they’re getting food that is not only nutritious but also earth-friendly. The carbon footprint for prepared meals is much lower than for home-prepared meals. Another plus for meal delivery is that consumers spend less money and time getting their food ready.

Why the Low Carbon Footprint?

A major university study found that several factors contribute to the 33 percent lower carbon footprint for home delivery meals, not all of which are obvious. Here’s a quick summary of what the study found:

The streamlined logistics process, which includes packaging, loading, and shipping, was far less for prepared meals than for individually purchased meals.

Meal delivery services have a big advantage in that they produce almost zero food waste during preparation. When you shop for and make your own meals, it’s common to waste about 10 percent of the food.

The streamlined logistics process also means one truck can deliver thousands of meals in a single day, thus greatly reducing the amount of vehicle fuel consumed.

Companies that sell prepared meals are able to efficiently store huge amounts of diverse ingredients, use them as needed, and never let anything go bad.

It’s easy to envision how all these factors work together. For example, in a community of 100 households, if everyone prepared their own meals, that means you have 100 cars driving to the grocery store at least once per week. People tend to spend between a half-hour and an hour buying groceries once they arrive at the store. Then, after paying for everything, packing it in the car, and driving home, you still need to prepare what you bought.

That takes even more time, so that when you finally sit down to your meal, you’re probably hungry from all the cooking and running around. Then consider how much extra food you had to buy, which you’ll now have to store in your fridge, which runs on electricity. At this point, it’s pretty obvious that individual meal planning, shopping, preparation, and storage is extremely inefficient. Meal delivery companies enjoy what experts call economies of scale because they make thousands of meals at once, with zero waste, and keep their ingredients fresh in efficient, commercial refrigerating units. Delivery is also done in bulk to reduce fuel costs.

The bottom line is a carbon footprint that is at least one-third less than traditional at-home meal prep. Maybe that’s why so many of today’s environmentally aware adults are opting for home delivery of fully prepared, nutritious meals.

Other Advantages of Meal Delivery Services

Personalized meal delivery services offer many other benefits to consumers besides a low carbon footprint. The most obvious advantage is convenience, but great taste is another. Of course, everyone has different personal favorites when it comes to foods, flavors, and ingredients. So, what are the biggest pluses of using a meal delivery service instead of doing all your own shopping and cooking?

Wide Selection of Ingredients: When you use a delivery service to get your meals, you have access to all kinds of ingredients that are not available in your local stores. That means you can more easily add nutritious items to meals that you’d not otherwise be able to find at the local grocery outlet.

Much Less Prep Time: Whoever said, “Time is money,” was right. We all put a value on our time, which means having prepared meals delivered to your home adds value to your life. People who try out a meal delivery service are usually surprised at how much extra free time they have due to the fact that they’re using virtually no time to prepare meals. In fact, the minute you arrive home from work, all you need to do is remove the meal from the package, heat it, and enjoy it.

Lower Overall Cost: Shopping and cooking for yourself can be a pricey endeavor. In addition to the cost of fuel and the time you spend at the grocery store, you need to use kitchen appliances to prepare meals. That means higher utility bills in the long run. Prepared meals are a no-hassle way to save both money and time whenever you dine in.

Optimum Nutrition and Portion Size: Delivered, prepared meals have much more robust nutritional profiles and arrive in ideal portion sizes. For dieters or anyone who wants to watch their food intake, there’s no guessing about eating balanced meals in portion sizes that make sense.

Less Waste: One of the big advantages you get with prepared meals is less food waste. Cooking at home might be fun once in a while, but people tend to waste about 10 percent or more of the food they handle during meal prep. That’s not the case with a meal delivery service, which uses extremely efficient methods and preparation logistics to waste almost zero food.

Putting It All Together

For most people, the main goals of eating are taste and nutrition. But when you can get meals that are big on convenience and are better for the environment, that’s a win-win situation. And not only do you spend less time, money, fuel, and electricity when you opt for a family meal delivery service, you get

California Chef, often referred to as the best meal delivery service in Los Angeles, is on the cutting edge of this highly popular industry. The company offers personalized meal delivery, and everything on their wide-ranging menu is nutritionally balanced, fully prepared, and designed to meet personal preferences of all kinds. Their meals are specifically designed so consumers can customize them in terms of menu selections, calories, individual ingredients, and portion sizes.

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