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Martial Arts Social Media Marketing Tips

Martial Arts Social Media Marketing Tips


Marketing your martial art studio on social media is important in advertising your brand to the public domain, knocking out your competition and connecting your business directly to potential clients. Some of the social media platforms that studios can use to build their brand include Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. These platforms are great in opening direct channels with potential clients that allow and provide them with a more personalized experience. Here are some of the martial arts social media marketing tips.

Encourage Engagement

Engaging and interacting with the audience is a great way of promoting martial arts on social media. Some of the exciting ways of engaging with your audience include creating competitions. Creating online competitions to your audience and making them feel they can win something from the competition is a great way to fully interact with them. For example, post a baby picture of a popular martial art student and ask your audience their name. If the audience provides the correct answers reward them with exciting prizes including free classes at your studio, weekend gateways and free merchandise.

Share relevant content

A martial art studio owner should provide the relevant and right content to the audience. This is beneficial because relevant social content drives prospects and potential customers into your martial art dojo or school. When it comes to Facebook posts it is important not to excessively share posts about your businesses or yourself since it may turn away prospective customers or students.

Instead, post engaging and helpful content that will make your followers excited and interested. Post photos and content that offer training tips, inspiration, humour and encouragement to the audience. One should also share blogs and articles that enhance the prospective and current student’s training.

Use paid ads

Another way of marketing your martial art studio on social media is by using paid ads. Paid ads are guaranteed to maximize your studio’s visibility and reach out to your target audience. Organic posts that are not paid for may be overlooked by the audience or followers. However, paid ads are difficult to ignore this is because they are top of your audience news feed, with the assistance of unique algorithms. While using paid ads one can decide on the various demographics to choose from such as age or location that can be seen by the potential clients or followers.

Optimize your page

Martial art dojo or studio owners should use the various social media pages to the fullest. One should provide as much information as possible about their training sessions, classes and school to keep existing students and attract prospective students to their martial art studio. One should also share the martial arts school listings for prospective students to view on the various social media pages. Studio owners should also post and remind students of the upcoming MMA events and results. One of the most popular social media platforms that studio owners should use that has the best features is Facebook. One should create advertising pages on Facebook, concentrate on social media presence while posting relevant content to the audience.

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