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Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in 2020

Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses in 2020

Proprietors of independent ventures like a small CCTV business for instance, practically have minimal spending for marketing. This is a typical issue for small entrepreneurs since it is better to spend money on overhead expenses instead of placing a bet on marketing which may not be successful.

If you are worried about hurting your cash flow, the good news is there are a ton of marketing strategies you can do to create more leads without harming your income. Consolidate these strategies to your business and unquestionably you will win clients.

Strategy no. 1: Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What could it be that your clients love about your business that they can’t get from different organizations offering a similar sort of item and service? 

If in case you are not familiar with it yet, the easiest and simplest way to find it out is through analyzing the opportunities, weaknesses, strengths, and threats to your business. 

Simply create a table with four columns and list down all the things you consider the strengths, weaknesses, and so on of your business.

  • Are you offering a much lower price compared to your competitor?
  • Are you offering free installation?
  • Do you have after-sales service? How about a warranty?
  • Have you ever looked around your neighborhood and survey your competitor’s prices, the brands that they offer, or how about their regular customers?

This information will not only help you find out what is it that keeps your customer from coming back but also the things that you might want to review once in a while.

Strategy no. 2: Get found on Google

Have you ever received a call claiming that they are from a marketing agency that helps small businesses generate sales online?

Their offers are enticing for small businesses (comes with a high price), but you will be shocked because most of the things they offer can be done by yourself.

You might be asking, but I don’t know how to create a website or how to do search engine optimization (SEO) or those long-tail keywords. Don’t worry because getting found on Google search doesn’t require that much technical knowledge.

Ever heard of a Google Listing? A Facebook page? Or how about listing on different online directories like Yelp? The good news is these tools are all free and easy to use.

Once you have set up a Google listing, simply ask your customers to leave a review on your business on your Google listing. That way once you have received a lot of positive feedback from your clients Google’s algorithm will eventually place your listing on the first page of Google search. Remember those businesses on the first page of Google search results get the most exposure to potential clients.

The principal objective here is for you to just form an online nearness by using these free devices so at whatever point a client in your general vicinity looks for the kind of administration you offer, they will consistently discover your business on the web.

Ending phrase

Creating marketing strategies and implementing these for your business should not be expensive. Remember, marketing is purely trial and error. If something does not work out, try another strategy again and I am sure your business will reap results.

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