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Marketing on social media platforms: Use link shortener!

Marketing on social media platforms: Use link shortener!

The use of complex URL or the website link is not ideal in this world where people often prefer to have shortcut things so the need for link shortener comes into the picture. People will be amazed to know that the concept of shortening the link came into existence in the year 2002 but did not gain so much importance. The reasons for the people to avoid the concept were that according to them the small links were incomplete and they never got attracted towards the same. The shortened links were never so important since the time it was launched.

The link shortener tools got the importance when word limitations came in the life of the marketers in the form of social media. To be specific, the twitter was the first social media platform which restricted the people to express the thoughts in just 140 characters. Later, the word limit became the issue on most of the platforms and people have to use the concept of link shortener. Though the word limit increased on twitter, people still use the shortened link because of the following advantages.

Links become more manageable

The headline does not mean that the website URLs are messy but they are often long and messy. In terms of SEO techniques, it becomes difficult to track the keywords in the URL which affects the Google ranking. The Link shortener helps to define the content of the page and makes it easy to share, especially on media platforms. So it is easy to manage.

Helps to track and compile click data

The link shortening concept helps in measuring the success of the marketing efforts by tracking and compiling the click data. It helps the marketing team to target the specific audience so that they get the right response. It gives analytics which helps the companies to know the source of users.

Can be converted into social media service

The tools help to accumulate the data from the sharing of the short links on different platforms especially on twitter and other websites. They act as the third party and innovation for the social media service as it provides a display of popular links, ranks domain and many more. They work as the aggregate of the information and can give innovation on sharing.

Improves browsing and provides useful features to users

The link shortener platform acts as an interface for all the sharing on social media because it helps to track the views, like, share and many more. It now depends upon the user to choose from the links that provide features or just functionality. It is beneficial for both the user and the companies.

Promotes sharing links and URLs

It becomes possible to fit maximum links and content in less space with the link shotener otherwise a long link takes the complete space. Today the use of social media is most with the help of mobile internet so it is easy to text with short URL and share things among the people.

The link shortener is a great introduction in the field of marketing as it helps boost the brand which the retention of the customized domain. The website URL does not lose its identity and keywords remain intact helping it to rank on Google.

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