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Pros and cons of manual time tracking practices

Pros and cons of manual time tracking practices

Every practice bears it’s positive or negative effects be it technological or not. Likewise, manual Time tracking has its own pros and cons.

Manual timekeeping was the norm until the advent of technology and the development of suitable software. Employers had no other option other than to deal with manually maintained systems. 


Some tasks can’t be updated electronically

There are things like phone calls, drawing/sketching on paper, or nonelectronic researching which can only be updated manually. If your research requires books to read, you can’t do it online. Not every quality book or academic article can be read online. You might need to go to the library for that purpose. But if you are researching for official work, how an automated time monitoring be done? The only way out is manual updating. 

When you can’t carry a device outdoors?

Your tasks might be predominantly based on fieldwork. There can be construction sites for engineers’ supervision or mining work. It can be anything, where you can’t carry a device in hand. You can only add it manually into your timesheets or software if it gives an option. 

Some aged employees might not be tech-oriented

As much as a person ages their capacity to learn new things slow down. But an aged employee can be an asset for a company. They can’t be fired just because they aren’t tech-friendly. Older employees might only feel comfortable with manual entry rather than an automated one. 


Disadvantages of using manual staff time tracker instead of an automated one outnumber its advantages. 

Written documents can be unsafe

When you store your company’s information in non electronic files, a high chance is they can be misplaced, lost or destroyed. Clients would feel insecure about these kinds of practices too. An automated timesheet run by an electronic software needs a username and password, whereas a manual one can be accessed by anyone. Not only that you lose an entire chunk of information if a file is lost. 

In many developing countries incidents are reported where a simple fire ended up destroying data of decades. It can be impossible to retrieve or make up for the losses incurred by this outdated system.

It’s a cumbersome task

It can be daunting for many to fill up files manually and add hefty amounts of data by writing. Many employees shall be put off by the mere idea of executing the task. They might not fulfill it as required which may result in misplaced or omitted information. Besides if you ever need to make an edit, it will not only take another round of unnecessary time consumption but shows a document in messy form too. 

In order to save the original one, you may like to make a copy for edit. And it’s like doing things from scratch. An automated one shall save you from the stressful effort and make easy edits. 

Who doesn’t want an easy life?

You want to save time with tracking or waste it?

The very purpose of manual entries of the tasks is to have data on time consumption and productivity levels. When the same time is being destroyed in making lengthy documents and manually filling up details. Why won’t you like to have an employee monitoring software instead of all this hassle?

Not only that it will occupy a lot of space that eventually you will run out of it. Storage capacity in software is unlimited. Besides, you don’t have to do document hunting from an ocean of files. It can be really time-consuming and frustrating at the same time. With reliable software, you can quickly locate any file with a single search. 

Afraid of paying for app subscription?

You might run short of money if you keep using a manual track. It will require a continuous supply of paper and ink. Whereas an affordable time monitoring app like Staff timer makes it a lot easier and financially convenient to keep track electronically. 

Along with time, manual entries are wastage of money as well. Your resources ought to be spent well.


The automated time sheets will give you a quick assessment and review of your employees’ performance. You can compare your staff with each other with real-time monitoring and assess who deserves increments and incentives. On the other side who is a procrastinator. There may be someone who isn’t lazy but needs training or else capable of executing tasks at a certain time frame. Which might not be intentional but highlight their capabilities. With manual tracking, you never know when your employees deceived you or whether the entries were honest ones. 

The rest of the issues can be solved. Exemptions can always be made for older and outdoor employees. Or for the tasks that aren’t electronically monitored. But the rest of the hassles aren’t worth taking with manual time tracking. Especially when many convenient options exist. You won’t like to take the risk. Would you?

Author Name: Jason Cohen

Bio: I am precisely described as a tech junkie working in content development and marketing for a thriving start-up: Stafftimer App. Literature lover by default. My interests range from politics to social issues, books to tech trends, gadgets, marketing techniques and so on.

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