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Benefits of Automation Testing Over Manual

Benefits of Automation Testing Over Manual

Many will be having this question, especially those who don’t belong to development that why does the industry need automation? Well, the answer is simple, to reduce the repetitive tasks, faster results, cheaper, efficient, accuracy and the list goes on. The initial investment for manual testing would be much lower if we compare it with automation testing. But, the return of investment would be comparatively lower. In the case of automation testing, the initial investment would higher but considering the long run. The ROI will be much higher than manual testing. In this blog let’s compare manual and automation testing.


For every work, a techie does he or she needs to document it for later reporting and other tasks, when it comes to manual testing there won’t be any documentation as Testers would be manually or visually testing the application and they often don’t have test data values that they are using in the application. Although now testers have started storing test data in an excel file. It isn’t that efficient if we compare it with automated test scripts. But when it comes to automation testing, the test script itself acts as documentation and Selenium supports excel integration with the help of third-party tools like Apache POI, etc. Undergo Selenium training in Chennai to land a job in Automation Testing.


In contrast to manual testing automation testing is more reliable and it can be done repetitively without any effort. And also, in no time as Selenium and other tools are pretty fast when it comes to automated test case execution. As human work is prone to error and nuances, automation testing scores an upper hand in this aspect and it can be trusted over manual, especially during the time delivery. Apart from this, automation assures more accuracy than manual testing. 


Another benefit of automation testing is that when the test scripts are written, it may run from anywhere. It is possible with the help of another third party software applications and tools like Jenkins. And the best part about this is, one can automate the test cases and generate a report without any human interaction. They can also set time to execute it. For instance, if you’re working for a US project, then you can set the time for 12 in the mid-night which would be the working time in the US and you can go to bed, Jenkins will run the test cases and will send the report to the appropriate persons. Get the right Selenium training in Chennai to become an Automation tester as well as DevOps engineer. 


Manual testing doesn’t use any framework, which would result in the repetition of work. But the framework can overcome repetition and there are a lot of frameworks available each having its pros and cons. One of the best things about using a framework is that helps to simplify the work. And also to accelerate the process. It can be highly customizable according to the specifications of the project that the tester in indulged with. In the case of manual testing, it doesn’t use any framework. There are manual testers might be using a checklist, guidelines etc.

When it comes to UI testing, manual testing might get an upper hand as it has a human interaction but still, there are tools to perform that task too. But when it comes to functionality testing Selenium and other automation testing tools are predominantly used in the industry as they are the most preferred tools for automation testing.

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