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Managing Twitter in Multiple Languages

Managing Twitter in Multiple Languages

It has now become essential to get multilingual when talking about your Twitter account. Most of the big companies and brands have taken this step and have gotten many effective and valuable results. Getting multilingual is really very important if you want to get your brand or product known all over the world. Now separate teams and companies are hired for this project. The use of these kinds of social networking sites has now become really essential for a successful online business.

Handling multilingual Twitter accounts:

With the frequent use of social networking sites around the world, it has now become essential that it must be supporting multiple languages. It has been estimated that one out of two Twitter accounts are used in a language other than English. It is calculated and estimated that in the last year more than 60 percent tweets were outside USA and more than half of them were in a language that was other than English.

Now in this age of globalization where world has now become very small with the help of these social networking sites, it is very important that these social networking sites must be supporting languages other than English. This helps in interacting with different individuals, cultures and customs.

In the marketing world it is of core importance. This is because you need to market your product or brand across the world so tweeting in other languages can help a lot and can prove to be very fruitful. Now Twitter is being used as an advanced and modern tool for marketing and advertising purposes. Brands and small business can create their own pages with their logos, pictures, mottos etc on Twitter to stay in touch with potential audience and keep them updated with all new activities.

Twitter goes multilingual in nature:

Analyzing the importance of other languages availability, Twitter in last October officially announced to provide support to FIGS that stands for French, Italian, German and Spanish languages. Now other languages are also in pipeline. Great! It means that now you can also tweet in other languages as well. It’s really fun and is useful for others who don’t know English language.

How to Tweet in multiple languages?

Now the question arises “how to tweet in multiple languages using your Twitter account??” You don’t need to worry about this anymore as there are several ways of tweeting in multiple languages. It is recommended that you should not tweet in multiple languages using the same Twitter account. This is because it is not helpful for others who use one language and are most likely not to speak other languages. If you are interested in tweeting in multiple languages you can create separate accounts for those languages and start tweeting with your potential customers and prospective clients.

5 Key strategies for Multilingual Twitter Accounts for Business:

Let’s talk about some of the significant strategies that are being used and are recommended for handling Twitter accounts in multiple languages. Following are the significant five strategies used for managing multilingual Twitter accounts for different purposes.

1.      Set different feeds and follows:

You need to create separate feeds and follows. It is highly recommended not to tweet in multiple languages using same account. You need to ensure that your content is optimized with your niche keywords. It is used to facilitate users so that they are able to find you through search engines.

2.      Try incorporating with a translation service:

Another easy way of managing your multilingual Twitter account is to let it incorporate with a translation service that will allow automatic transfer of your tweets to a human translator and will then send it to your feeds.

Feel free to write your tweets in English and then send it automatically to the translators who will then translate your tweets.

3.      Try to include local content:

You must add tweets for the local audience, and you would certainly be requiring the services of a local manager for social media.

4.      Try to be a regular poster:

Being consistent is very important. If you cannot be regular in posting then you must hire someone who is able to tweet in regularly, update daily tweets keep in touch with your clientele. This would keep your account lively and users (especially potential customers) will actively participate and respond.

5.      Try to be interactive:

Your twitter account must be able to interact with the local users regarding anything. The objective should be to be interactive and by using this strategy you can amplify your profile and rankings in the market.

For languages other than English you should be able to interact with them with what’s going on around their locally. If you are stuck somewhere your strategy should be to change the topic and involve with the local audience on it.

Translating your Tweets:

Once you have decided to go for a specific language/s then the next step should be selecting the perfect translator. There are two different types of translators.

• Human Translator

• Electronic Translator

Human Translator:

A Human translator is considered to be the best possible solution if your budget is not very limited. This is really effective and is helpful in translating your tweets in the required language. Apart from budget restrictions it is still said to be an effective solution for translation purposes.

Electronic Translator:

There are several advanced and modern tools in the market that help you in translating your tweets. By using these tools you can easily become internationally known. But electronic translators have no comparison with professional human translators when it comes to quality and accuracy.

Adapting to the Culture:

Another important suggestion for those who would like to tweet in other languages is that they must try to adapt to the culture in which they are trying to communicate or interact. This is very important and is very much required if you want to interact with different cultures and individuals who speak different languages. You should do extensive research on the culture and customs regarding that language. This really helps in tweeting with the local audience and prevents you from being stranger to them.

Author Bio:

This blog is contributed by Jason Langer, a tech blogger. Except blogging Jason likes to play Basketball and Hockey. You can reach out Jason at .

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