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The Role of a Manager in Dealing with Crisis Management in a Company

The Role of a Manager in Dealing with Crisis Management in a Company

Finding the solution for tough situations and scenarios can be difficult. Any company can run into crisis; adverse situations can arise from out of nowhere. There are several aspects for which crisis management is the key. If you think that last companies cannot run into trouble, think again as there are many examples like Nortel Networks, which has been collapsed in the past due to financial restraints.

There are examples of whole countries and cities where complete financial meltdown has been witnessed.  Prime examples are Ireland, Greece and the city of Detroit in Michigan, USA. Similarly, companies can also run into trouble here, and very quickly, this can escalate into crisis. In this blog post, I will try to offer my readers some tips how to avert crisis and what can be done to make sure everything is under control. 

Is Being in Crisis a Bad Thing for a Company?

From day-to-day tasks to big projects, anything can go wrong here. The role of managers is critical in making sure everything runs smoothly. If you think that managing a small company or a startup is very easy to think again as even a small conflict can be very troublesome for a person to manage, so what can be done in these scenarios? Read on as I offer you some insights into this subject.  

By the word crisis, if you are thinking about a scenario where a country is about to be doomed, you are not getting the point right. Crisis is a point in time when things are in danger, but it is not similar to a calamitic situation. A crisis emerges in companies of all sizes and takes care of as a result. A crisis is not something that you can’t control, although it is hard to control situations at all times as crisis can emerge out of the blue.

If you have worked in an office environment or a factory, you will understand my viewpoint easily. For all the other readers and students out there, looking for some detailed information, an example in the following paragraph will serve the purpose well. 

Controlling Day-to-Day Tasks and Dealing with Crisis

Managers and supervisors have a tough time leading their teams and subordinates. It is their handling that makes all the difference in making the team and individuals productive. On the other hand, mishandling and not controlling/monitoring their performance well, can lead to scenarios that be termed as a crisis of sorts. Daily performance monitoring through a task management tool can be a good way to check whether all the tasks assigned to individual team members are completed or not. 

Problems can arise and can escalate to a crisis in a matter of a few days or even hours in some cases. Again, the role of a manager is of pivotal importance. Just controlling the team is not their responsibility but they have to work proactively. In this way, they will be able to think about what’s coming their way, both in terms of opportunities and threats. Controlling the team will automatically work if manager can work proactively to avert scenarios that can lead to crisis. 

Crisis makes us smart, and as a manager this is something that you need to understand very quickly. If you don’t understand this, chances are that you will lose whatever you have. A positive attitude is what you need so that you can work not just as a manager but also within a team. Dealing with a crisis can make a person so that he can work more diligently and offer the best solution for each problem.

How to cope up with a Crisis at Hand? 

The role of a manager is not limited to pass the orders. He needs to make sure that is team is working exactly according to the situation. The manager needs to look at any situation as what can happen in the long term.  While short term solutions are what you need, but a long-term solution will give any company a sigh of relief for some time to come. If you think that this is easy, no it isn’t. But with the passage of time, you can perfect this. 

Problems on a large scale can also be dealt with as the role of a manager is very broad nowadays. Teamwork what a manager should put his emphasis on to make things perfect for the company. We all get exhausted when we are dealing with a crisis, but there are many things that we learn along the way. Let me offer you an example so that you can understand my viewpoint easily.

Detroit is a city in the US state of Michigan filed for bankruptcy in ago and was on the verge of total collapse. But the management of the city, which is the mayor and the state government, worked day and night to make thanks better for the city and for the millions of people who live in Detroit and around its metropolitan area. And guess what, the city is thriving again and is poised to be the city which was at the height of industrial revolution. 

Faith in your Abilities

In a bleak scenario, as a manager, if you are thinking that you are losing, it will have a negative impact on the overall team’s performance. There are several aspects in which a manager has to remain calm, poised and positive. A positive attitude can be really important for everyone in the team. Manager’s attitude will decide whether company can come out from the dire situation it is facing.

A total focus on the problems what is required from a manager. If he is not capable of pulling out from a dire situation, it will be impossible for the team member and the subordinates to cope up with the scenario. Thus, a positive attitude is required for coming up with a good plan. 

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