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Maldives: Exploring South Asia Like Never Before

Maldives: Exploring South Asia Like Never Before

Looking for a pleasure trip? Thinking of planning a honeymoon where you can rest and roam with your spouse with all the privacy that you need? Want to take your family for a relaxing vacation? Well, then we have the perfect place for you – the Maldives! This is one of the most up and coming destination of many, while for a few it has always been the preferred tourist destination. If you have never been to this group of islands located near Sri Lanka and India, then you need to make a plan and head out to this place. 

Why opt for packaged tours?

Well, one thing that a lot of people are always in a fix about is whether they should plan independently or opt for packaged tours? The thing is when it comes to an international destination like Maldives, or a place that you haven’t visited before, then it is always best to go for packaged tours, because you will need to make all sorts of arrangements – from finding the Right hotels in Maldives to arranging various sight-seeing tours, you will have to do everything. Now, if the place is not known to you and the country is a foreign one, about which you have no idea as such, then the process gets really difficult and tiresome as well. This is where the benefit of packaged tours comes in. How? 

To begin with, when it comes to a packaged tour, you tell your requirements, primarily the destination, what kind of travel you are looking for, your preferred date of travel and they will churn out the best possible packages for you of different budgets. From there you can take your pick and they will do your flight booking, hotel booking, sightseeing organizing and other basic essentials that you will need for your tour. This way the planning will be taken care of by the packaged tour. If you want you can customize your package tour as well. Generally, they come with deals and offers from time to time as well, which makes it easier on the pocket too. Overall, going for packaged tours stand to benefit you. 

Things to know about Maldives 

When planning a trip to Maldives, there are a few things that you need to know about the place and the process of visiting, so that your trip goes smoother than smooth. So, what are these essentials? Let’s take a look: 

  • The most important thing to note about this place is its weather. It remains sunny and humid almost throughout the year. The most comfortable months would be from November to April which is hailed to be the peak tourist inflow month. If you are planning on visiting the place during these months, then do make sure that you get your bookings done early. 
  • The next thing that you need to know about the Maldives is that you do not require a VISA prior to your arrival to enter the country. A 30-days visa is issued upon your arrival and hence the process is rather hassle-free. 
  • Do you know which the places are that you should visit when you are in the Maldives? Well, being quite the place, there are many places of interest for every traveller. Here are some of the top picks which define the Maldives best: 
  • When in Maldives, you will have to visit the North Malé Atoll. It is the most popular tourist destination of the country and it is the largest city as well. The palatial abodes and influence of the kings is what grants this place a grandeur still and with many fun activities to try out, a couple of days stay here is something that you have to try!
  • Interested in some serious scuba diving? Well then, the Banana Reef in Maldives is the place for you. From exploring the depths of Coral Sea bed to spotting interesting aquatic life, this reef is the favourite of many. In fact, so varied it is in its aquatic flora and fauna, many researchers come here and explore the depths of the sea from here! This is a must try for everyone. 
  • This is an activity that you have to try – wondering what it is! Well, we know that Maldives is a group of islands, right? These islands are scattered from each other, but you can see one from the other. In fact, they are near each other and hence you can take local boats and go island hopping! Visit the islands that you want to from your boat and be mesmerized by the beauty that they hold!
  • What is Maldives without water sports? Surrounded by water it is but natural that you will get to enjoy a host of water sports and activities here. Head out to the beaches and have fun through the waters of Maldives!
  • Are you interested in getting to know more about the past of this archipelago? Do you want to get to know Maldives better? Well, then you have to head out to the National Museum and take a stroll through its corridors to know more about what this island group had in the past. 
  • Want to try out something really interesting? Well then, the wreck diving spot is the place for you. Known as the Maldives Victory, it actually marks the point of a ship wreck, which today has turned into a natural wonder. It is surrounded by resorts and this diving spot is the favourite of many. 
  • Apart from the various places to visit, you need to try out the local cuisine of this place. Being situated in the sea, coconut and fish are the dominant ingredients of the dishes here. Sea-food is available in plenty and in various Asian varieties which are bound to take your taste buds for a real swirl. 

If you haven’t discovered this part of South Asia before, then you should, because it is not like any other place. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to head out to Maldives, today!

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