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A Luxury Yacht Charter Is an Amazing Way to Tour Around the Beautiful Chicago

A Luxury Yacht Charter Is an Amazing Way to Tour Around the Beautiful Chicago

People love to spend their vacations in an exotic location and have the best time of their life. People usually pick a famous tourist destination, which can be a beautiful tropical island or a country with scenic landscapes and mountains. The number of days a person has got in his vacations also depends on the place he wishes to visit. The people who have a few days in the vacations like to see amazing domestic places which they have not seen. People have always been attracted to new ways of traveling, and the trend of yachting vacations is increasing as people not only get to travel but enjoy numerous luxuries while traveling. 

The yacht vacation is one of a kind experience where you will get to relax, unwind, and enjoy the little moments with your family or friends. You can easily book a private yacht and have an expert captain and professional crew members to pamper you and make your trip a memorable one. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the country and also known as the windiest city in the world. The city of Chicago is located around the beautiful Lake Michigan and has got the most remarkable skyline which is dominated by the Willis Tower (formerly called Sears Tower), the iconic John Hancock Center and neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. Chicago is also a populous city and If you want to want to enjoy your stay, then the best way is to charter a yacht which will take you on a beautiful tour in the blue waters that surround the city. 

Chicago is situated along the southwestern shore of the big Lake Michigan, which is a freshwater lake. The two rivers that flow in the city are Chicago River in the downtown and Calumet River in the Southside of the city. The best time to take a yacht tour is from June to August, which is the summer months as the climate of Chicago is quite cold, and the Lake Michigan even freezes in the winters. The summer months are ideal for boating and going for a cruise as the sun is out for more than 12 hours, and the weather is also superb for enjoying your boat ride. The numerous reasons why you should try a luxury yacht charter Chicago are

  • You get a detailed level of luxury, comfort, privacy, and flexibility and constantly served by a courteous and friendly crew.
  • In one tour you will get to see numerous places and avoid the traffic a commotion which is very common in a big city like Chicago
  • You can easily book a yacht and take your family and friends on an exciting and fun-filled journey
  • You can enjoy the fabulous time with your loved ones with no other person intruding your space
  • The luxury yacht has all the modern features and facilities that one can hope for and make full use of them
  • The yacht is operated by an expert captain, and there is a professional crew which is at your service when you need them
  • There is also a chef who can make delicious meals and serve them with drinks and juices
  • A cruise along the waters of Chicago would be incomplete without some water sports and activities such as fishing. 
  • You can even get at the helm of the yacht and steer the yacht for a little while 
  • The cost of booking a luxury yacht for a day or two is not expensive, and there are many companies that even offer discounted rates for a group of family members and friends

Luxury yachts are the most modern and advanced type of boats with all the luxury options for comfort, relaxation, enjoyment, and safety. There are many options that you can find in Chicago whether it is yacht charters, boat rentals, or fishing yachts. Many people do not consider boating in Chicago that much mostly due to its inland location and away from the open waters of the ocean but a yacht tour in Chicago is truly relaxing and wonderful. If you want to charter a luxury yacht, then the best place to visit is surely the Playpen which is right in front of Lake Shore Drive and place where many people go to enjoy fun-filled activities. You will have an awe-inspiring view of the famous Chicago Skyline and cruise in Lake Michigan. 

Chicago may not be a seaside city, but it has miles and miles of beautiful shoreline and access to the world’s most amazing lakes. Chicago is a populated and busy city, and events are held nearly all year round to help the local people and tourists to entertain themselves. There are amazing activities held all year round but the best time is in the summers when the harbors are open for the entire season. You can book a luxury yacht and witness the spectacular Chicago Air and Water show with your family and friends. One place that you surely do not want to miss in your yacht tour is Navy Pier where fireworks happen on Wednesday and Saturday nights. One another splendid place is Columbia Beach, which looks superb and even better if there are fewer crowds of people. 31st Street Beach is also a fabulous place that you can visit, and it has a park which also offers access to small boats. 

The luxury yacht charter Chicago offers a unique way to cruise and see the beauty of Chicago. Many people also organize birthday parties and bachelorette party on a big luxury yacht, which is a truly memorable event. If you are looking to attend the Chicago Air and Water show than you need to charter the yacht in advance as many local people and tourists also attend the show. There are many marinas around the city, and the most popular ones are Diversey Harbor, Burnham Harbor, River City Marina, and Usable Harbor which are close to the scenic locations and allow you to enjoy the city life. 

There are also many splendid boating destinations around Chicago such as Hammond, Milwaukee, Winthrop Harbor, and Kenosha. If you are passionate about hiking, then you would be enthralled to explore the Fox and Crystal Lakes. The essential things that you can expect and experience on your luxury yachts are

  • A commercially licensed yacht which is insured, well maintained, and clean. 
  • The captain is qualified and experienced
  • The crew is friendly, polite and very helpful
  • The yacht has all the safety features and requirements
  • There is a medium sized refrigerator to keep things cool
  • There is a large swimming platform and sun deck cushion for relaxing
  • The yacht has big speakers to help you listen to your favorite songs

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