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Own your own Luxury Caravan in Ireland

Own your own Luxury Caravan in Ireland

Most people worldwide desire to own a mobile home. Mobile homes provide a warm and cozy accommodation to many people at ago depending on their size. Interestingly, mobile homes are a lucrative investment to millions of investors. The businesspeople rent the caravans out to people for temporary accommodation. The most significant advantage of caravans is that they are moveable and can hence be transported from one geographical location to another if need be. However, one of the demerits of a mobile home is that they are more prone to unfortunate incidences such as fire outbreaks, burglary, destruction, among others. This hugely necessitates mobile home insurance. In this article, we shall deeply look at some of the mobile home selling websites, and some of the caravan insurance covers a mobile homeowner must take. One caravan selling website is Clancy mobile homes.

Clancy mobile home

Clancy mobile homes is a massive online company that mainly deals with the selling of caravans to different clients within an out of Ireland. Their caravan sizes depend on the size a customer need. Some of their mobile homes for sale include 2013 ABI Tebay 36 by 10, three beds,2012 ABI Vista Platinum 28 by 10 feet, two bed,2012 Willerby Rio Gold 28 by 12,two-bedroom,2010 Willerby Solstice 37 by 12,three-bedroom,2015 Swift Moselle 38 by 12,three-bedroom and others. Clancy homes prices range from $25,524 onwards exclusive of transportation charges, which relies on the customer’s location. See why you need a caravan insurance Ireland? Some say, forewarned is forearmed is that a cliché but taking precautionary measure is not foolery!

The site sells not only brand new caravans but also used mobile homes still in perfect condition. Important to note is that new caravans are more costly than old mobile homes.

Wallace mobile home

Another popular online mobile home company is the Wallace mobile home company. The multi-million company is based in Wexford in Ireland with countless loyal customers. To use their platform, a new customer must register first by entering their email address and a strong password. This is critical in the creation of a customer account for identification purpose. The company supports taking of a caravan insurance cover to avoid buyers from unbearable pain if an untimely incident occurs.

Types of mobile homes sold by the company include 2019 Swift Vendee Lodge which is 42 by 13,2 bedroom,2019 Swift Biarritz Lodge 40 by 13, two bedrooms,2019 Swift Berwyn 35 by 12, their bedroom, etc. Most of their new mobile homes go for at least $ 42,360. How wise is taking a mobile home insurance Ireland for such pricey properties? Well, be the judge on that! Examples of used caravans are 2011 BK Sherborne, which is 39 by 12, three beds,2016 BK Caprice,36 by 12, two beds,2015 Victory Vermont,39 by 12, three beds and 2011 Swift Moselle. None of their high quality old mobile homes cost less than $22295.

Insurance companies in Ireland

Luckily, there are numerous insurance companies based in Ireland today from whom you can choose the most favorable quote for a caravan insurance Ireland. For more information on the esteemed company, visit .

Harry Farrell and son limited is another widely popular online caravan selling the company in the market today. The company sells both used and brand-new mobile homes at highly affordable prices. Examples of new caravans include ABI Beachcomber Ambleside, BI Blenheim, ABI Malham among plenty others. Kindly visit for more detailed information. Take mobile insurance today. You will never regret taking it!

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